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Yea! /P.

Gyllene Tider Humorgalan + bonus 2013

*Dags att tänka på refrängen Cd spot *Allt jag lärt mej om livet (har jag lärt mig av Vera) presentation in Humorgalan for UNICEF 19-4-2013 *Watching Parkliv...

I do miss those TV shows. Lipsync w/ full band. Where did they go? /P.

Roxette Joyride Lordag 23-3-1991 Norway

Marie Fredriksson on LørDan (NRK TV) on 27 February 1988, performing "Låt mej andas" from her not long before released album, "Efter stormen". /PP Stills are from the video (thanx Gaby, for uploading it to YT): The complete show:

A different take on the hit How Do You Do!. How do you like it?

Seduced by Suicide

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