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TUESDAY TREAT. How about this? /P.

Roxette - Sleeping In My Car

Music video by Roxette performing Sleeping In My Car.

The Roxette Diaries DVD conundrum continues as a baffled fan received this message from CDON: "The Roxette release was sadly very unorganized, wrong comunication on social media og different rights made it so. Bengan manages Roxettes official webshop og sadly went out with information that did not communicat that they only could sell DVD's with the nordic languages. We do not have the rightst outside of scandinavia og therefor we can not sell DVD's with english subtitles. Vi never anticipated that neither Bengans or you would promote the film outside the nordic so it has become a big mess unfortunalty Roxette themselvs let Bengans make an exeption so we produced the 100 DVD's with english subtitles to Bengans to cover the advanced bookings they had. They may not sell the issue directly, but they hav only the nordic edition, just as you do. Unfortunatly we do not have the right to give you the international edition."

Lack of news? We're filling this tiny gap with great music. Look closer and you'll recognize someone whose autograph you may already possess...

Enemy (Official)

First video from Down Harrison, Enemy. Produced by Dave Avellone, Magnus Nordström & Jesper Willaume . Copyright 2015 Down Harrison.