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Party time with Miss Effe in the 80's! Have to love that shirt! /P.


Parabéns meu rei !!!!! I love you so much <3 <3

Aaah the 80's! /P.

Roxette - Interview and Listen to Your Heart -

Interview about Look Sharp! on Swedish TV-show from 1987 followed by the original video for Listen to Your Heart.

Roxette's Got The Look

I have a party in my head (I hope it never ends)

One of #PerGessle’s main influences inspired him a million times more than the Swedish rhyming dictionary. ;) PG told this about one of the standout concerts he has ever attended: ”David Bowie’s Station To Station tour came to Gothenburg in 1976. I was 17 and the biggest Bowie fan – it was mind-blowing. I felt so silly when I got there in platform shoes and he looked like Frank Sinatra on stage. Everyone looked like Ziggy Stardust except him. It was fantastic.” /PP Pic is from The Per Gessle Archives.

Lovely. /P.

David Bowie Funny Moments Pt.1

Just some David Bowie perfection for your enjoyment. :)

Badabam! /P.

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WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Good morning young world. Thanx everyone for thinking of me and sending me all those beautiful greetings yesterday. Appreciated. And thanx for all the gifts. New year ahead of us, lots of goodies coming up. The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades! Lots of love from P.

Today BMI uploaded a short video interview with #PerGessle to their YouTube channel. It's from 2008 when Per and MP got the Million-Air Award for LTYH being played more than 4 million times on American radio and television. Since then both LTYH and IMHBL are over 5 million plays. YouTube views of the official videos to the songs are still growing like hell. IMHBL is close to 100 million and LTYH to 80 million. Awesome! /PP Stills are from the BMI video: You can find more great video links and pics in our earlier BMI article:

Haven't seen this one before. Have you? /P.

Roxette - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye '12 | Music Video

Roxette - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye '12 Exclusive music video Remix: Bassflow Remake EMI

If you can't get enuff of Roxin' here's a nice Facebook site for y'all! /P.

Roxette - World Tour

"XXX - The 30th Anniversary Tour". A little mix of the latest tour-news, infos, press reports, pictures and more. #Roxette2016

Next Stop: South Africa as XXX re-launches in 2016

With the Silly Season behind us all, it won't be long before Roxette re-ignite their mammoth XXX World Tour. Read the full story...

Thank you all for remembering. Breakfast now. /P.

Wishing a most splendido day to #PerGessle! Photos in the collage are some of the very few pics Mr. G shared of himself during the past year either on his or on Roxette's official Facebook page. Always in good company! ? Cheers to yet another busy year from the RoxBlog Team! Happy birthday, Per! ???✌ /PP

Thank you, 2015! Welcome 2016!

Another year, another retrospective! 2015 was once again a year full of releases, concerts, travelling, meetings, happy faces… everything a fan could wish for. In January we got a sneak peek …

What's that you say? Per Gessle's birthday?? It sure is! Join us in wishing him a happy birthday!!

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Superb article on the maestro. /P.

David Bowie: the man who thrilled the world

From glam to neo-soul to his mysterious final album, David Bowie remained one step ahead throughout a prophetic career that pushed sexual and social boundaries. Alexis Petridis salutes a brilliant enigma

The best one is gone. Hard to take in. /P.

David Bowie - Starman (1972) HD 0815007

David Bowie - Starman, ein Hit 1972. HQ-Video

From the Archives! Enjoy. /P.


? Nice song ?

ROX NEW ALBUM UPDATE: Yes siree, we're makin' progress. Chris is still mixing and peaking in life. Almost done, folks! /P.

Tonight's entertainment is the En Mazarin, Alskling? DVD. What a great concert/tour this was! Were you there? 2003 seems like a lifetime ago - where does time go...

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Who knows? We'll decide at the soundcheck! /P.

This Friday demands a little ? Elvis in the leather ? Do you think #Roxette will keep their killer "Crush On You" in the setlist this year? W.e. h.o.p.e. s.o.! /PP Stills are from this "Crush On You" live in Locarno video:

FRIDAY NITE SERENADE: Brilliant one by Tom T. Hall. Check out the Bobby Bare version as well and fall in love with it! /P.

Tom T. Hall - That's How I Got To Memphis

"I haven't eaten a bite or slept for three days and nights, that's how I got to Memphis, that's how I got to Memphis" - Tom T. Hall. Complete lyrics below. V...

The Daily Roxette

Don't forget to order your copy! 7th of March 2016 release date!

THE BIG BOYS' BIRTHDAYS TODAY: Bowie = 69! Elvis = 81! /P.

Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel

Live in 1968

Blast from the past! Enjoy! /P.

Roxette Sleeping Single Live

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle singing Sleeping single live in ZÜRICH!!!!!!! 1991 this concert changed their and our lives :P. That song is from the Look s...

#Roxette's XXX tour continues in 25 days in South Africa! Woohoo! :) Limited tickets still available. Are you going? /PP Tickets: Roxette pic by Jørund F Pedersen (2012)

Out in the spring, folks! /P.

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From the Son of a Plumber-sessions. Pic by Anton Corbijn. /P.

Roxette Perú Official Fanclub

The Daily Roxette

Don't forget to order your copy! 7th of March 2016 release date!