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  ★ TDR Archive for August 25th, 2015

Fantastic live shot from Drammen by Patricia Peres! Enjoy. /P.

Make sure you check all the #Roxette pics from past & present linked to the latest Spiegel interview with #PerGessle! Upper pic is from 1996 (interviewer Alex Gernandt with Roxette and Bee Gees), lower pic is from 2015 (AG with PG). That smile never changed, huh? :) /PP Photos:

DRAMMEN, NORWAY. Listen To Your Heart. Oh the signs, we loved them! Thanx! /P.

New #PerGessle interview about well-known steps of #Roxette's history and more. In German..., so you can practice! /PP Interview: PG re the relationship between he & #MarieFredriksson: "We feel more like brother and sister. In character we are very different: Marie is spontaneous and likes to improvise, on the contrary, I'm rather a control freak who plans everything precisely. Somehow we complement each other quite well." Thanx for the interview and for informing us, Alex Gee!

Roxette XXX Tour – Drammen, Norway (Elvefestivalen) – August 22 – #61

Judith: Since it was a special show for us and there is so much to tell... we decided to write this review together. So please bear with us. It may be a bit longer than usual. ;) PP: The last show ...

DRAMMEN, Norway: Chris plays "Take On Me" by A-ha to finish "Listen To Your Heart". Such a brilliant idea! /P.