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2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Romania – Bucharest Aranele Romane

RAIN IN BUCHAREST: The Rox show is slightly late due to the heavy rain and the majestic thunder but will start very very soon. Have to get rid of the water from the mixing console, light projectors etc. And we needed a hairdryer to get Pelle's snaredrum back in shape! It's all coming to place now. Thanx for waiting, folks! /P.

Canadians aren't so bad after all, eh! 🙂

Choir! Choir! Choir! sings Roxette – It Must Have Been Love

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Photos from Barca! #roxxxette

Good Reporter reports in: Barcelona
BARCELONA – Enjoy a gallery from the Barcelona concert the other night!

Good Reporter reports in: Barcelona

BARCELONA - Enjoy a gallery from the Barcelona concert at the Sant Jordi Club the other night! Read the full story...

BUCHAREST: Pelle does his mighty personal version of "The Final Countdown". Talented guy! /P.

BUCHAREST looneys! /P.

BUCHAREST sightseeing! /P.

In Loving Memory – Derek Chambers

Last Monday, our good friend and long-time Roxette fan Derek Chambers passed away after a long and brave battle against cancer. Derek was a big fan of Roxette and spent a great deal of time gathering items for his extensive collection. But most of all, he always took a great deal of effort to help out others, including fellow Roxette fans. Derek's friendship is a beautiful example of how Roxette's music can bring people together and change lives, it's one of the special things the music we all love is capable of. I remember coming across a post on the Daily Roxette's forum (Smalltalk – those were the days!) many years ago. Derek was looking for other fans from his area in the Netherlands since he knew none. I asked Derek to come along to the big record fair here in Utrecht and within a short period of time we became close friends, more than just fellow appreciators of Roxette music or collectors – he became one of my best friends. We travelled abroad together to see Roxette or Gyllene Tider shows – with Derek behind the wheel – and every time we had a blast. Derek was a painter by profession and he always helped others around the house doing repairs and, of course, painting. Before my daughter was born, he insisted on helping out with the nursery and did a beautiful job, even though he had already been diagnosed with cancer. I have very fond memories of those days we spent together, working together with Roxette's latest blasting from the stereo and sometimes even singing along. At the moment, we’re expecting our second child and a few weeks ago, after all regular and experimental treatment had failed, Derek still insisted on painting our daughter's new room so the nursery would be ready in time. He put an amazing effort into the room and luckily was able to see the beautiful final result. The day I showed it to him was the last time I saw him. I met Derek as a Roxette fan, but he became one of my best friends and a loving uncle to my daughter. We will miss him dearly and our thoughts go out to his children and grandchildren. Derek, take care.


Preparing for the Bucharest-show with some easy going moves like Jagger on the gym. It's hot in Romania, gonna be fab tonite! /P.

So, Christoffer in Bukarest on the day off! Enjoy the dessert! /P.

Roxette XXX Tour – Barcelona, Spain (St. Jordi Club) – May 14 – #28
The day started very early for many fans that had catch planes, cars, busses, trains to get to Barcelona on time to queue up and try to get the best spots in the first row(s). The first ones were a…