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Roxette XXX Tour – Sydney, Australia (Qantas Credit Union Arena) – February 27 – #24

When was the last time we wrote the actual gig was the best so far? Couldn’t have been too long ago, but this cliché has to be used again. After the Sydney Opera House gig, which was already a highlight during this leg of the tour, Roxette was able to provide thousands of people in […]

2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney, Australia

SYDNEY #2. The song everyone waited for! Here it is! /P.

SYDNEY #2: Dressed for success. Oz loves this one! /P.

SYDNEY #2: The Big Elle was fun tonight. Check out our superprofessional changing of guitars. Almost Formula One! /P.

SYDNEY #2: Ze Look! /P.

SYDNEY#2: D-d-d-d-d-d-dangerous people! /P.

SYDNEY #2: Dressed For Suxess! Major one tonite! Enjoy. /P.

SYDNEY #2: Crush On You. Splendido tonite! /P.

SYDNEY #2. Check out Mr Magnus brave dancing in this clip! Wunderbar! /P.

SYDNEY #2: Joyride fans!!! /P.

Roxette's WILD night in SYDNEY! Read the full report here! #roxxxette

Roxette in Sydney: "Now THAT is a Rock Show!"

SYDNEY #2 UPDATE: Wow wow wow! Whatasplendidevening!
We had a blast and it felt and looked like you did too!!! Overwhelming appreciation is what I feel right now. Wonderful farewell show in Sydney! LOVE TO COME BACK! ANYDAY!!! Newcastle tomorrow!! Then it's bye-bye! /P.

Roxette in Sydney: “Now THAT is a Rock Show!”

SYDNEY - BEST! SHOW! EVER! Read the full story...

SYDNEY #2 UPDATE: Great pic from Micke N-S! /P.

Not to long to go Sydney! #roxxxette

"Sydney of Soul, we gotta burn this old house down!!!" #roxxxette

Nice review from the Opera gig in Sydney the other day.
We had a great time! /P.

Roxette – ‘On The Steps’, Sydney Opera House – February 25, 2015
Roxette, you know the songs, you know the sound and you know ‘The Look’ (pun intended) but for 30 years the Swedish powerhouse have been making music and tonight here to showcase the hits of their career they couldn’t have picked a better place to do it than on the steps of the iconic Sydney Opera H…

SYDNEY UPDATE: Friday night will be here soon. On our way to the Qantas Union Arena. Gonna be a blast tonite!!! /P.

A big thank you to Dunlop guitarpicks for making Dunlop guitarpicks. Very nice. Have you checked out the new customized XXX-ones I made? /P.

A big thank you to GHS strings for keeping us safe and sound during the XXX tour. No solos from me! /P.

A big thank you to Martin guitars for making us happy during the XXX tour. Cheers, P.

A big thank you to Akustikken for for all your support during this XXX tour! Cheers, P.