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2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Tallinn, Saku Arena, Estonia

Approximately 30 minutes ago in Tallinn.

Approximately 30 minutes ago in Tallinn.

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So funny!!! /P.

As cobranças de pênaltis mais engraçadas de todos os tempos.

Rocking the Globe in Stockholm Nov. 3, 2011.

#PerGessle at the NRJ Awards. He won the Best Swedish Male Artist award (2003) and performed Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) at the gala. /PP Thanx for uploading the video, Gabriela Demichelli!


Uploads vanaf je telefoon
Aaaw! It's not only Stockholm where #Roxette greets you at the airport. ;) Tallinn is ready for Sunday! /PP P.S.: Bring your warm clothes! There's some snow here.

Short TV report and interview with #PerGessle about the #Roxette tour and the upcoming show in Tallinn! /PP Stills are from the video: Thanx for finding it, Ketlin Rauk!

TALLINN UPDATE: Gearing up for tonight's show with a The Mighty Formula One Showdown. /P.

KURT & LISA 2011! The best vintage so far (according to me...) Available now. Cheers, P.

JUST REALISED .... I was playing with two dudes from Lynyrd Skynyrd.... /P.


MOSCOW: Perfect Day was beautiful! Enjoy! /P.

MOSCOW: Forgot few clips taken by Åsa.... Here comes a mighty Sleeping in my car. /P.

SUNDAY: Time to practice your russian! /P.

"Утро": Roxette завершит российский тур концертом в Москве

Шведская рок-группа Roxette завершает российский тур. Заключительный концерт пройдет 21 ноября в Москве. Своим фанатам Мари Фредрикссон и Пер Гессле представляют песни как из нового альбома Travelling, так и свои старые хиты