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  ★ TDR Archive for August 27th, 2014

Look Sharp! 25 radio documentary on the shortlist at the Swedish Radio gala

You surely remember the fabulous radio documentary of Tara Moshizi and Tove Meyer related to Look Sharp!’s 25th anniversary. Here you can read our summary of the docu, which was broadcast on New Year’s Eve last year. Now this great radio documentary got on the shortlist for The music program of the year at the […]

Get your signed copy of The Per Gessle Archives

A new promo video of The Per Gessle Archives has been published today by Cosmos Music Group. The title says The Per Gessle Archives – A Lifetime of Songwriting (part 2/3), so there is surely going to be a third promo video soon. Part 1 you can watch here. The complete tracklist shared by Mr […]

OZ! /P.

TV promotion in Australia
Last week Per Gessle gave some interviews on Australian TV shows (from Stockholm). You can watch them here: The Daily Edition: Mornings The Morning Show Today

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Ten-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Lift off!
Time to leave. Mission (and more) accomplished.
Thanx for checking in once in a while. /P&Co

STUDIO UPDATE #2. So Christoffer is chewing leftovers in style!

Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #11
And last but not least, time to vote for those singles or songs that were not included in any album (at least in the first release) but were released as stand-alone singles or as b-sides, compilati…

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Third day at the Antilope Green Museum. Editing some vocals and adding some magic. Clarence at the timpanis. Of course. /P.
PS. Happy BeeDay, Magnus. He's catching up. We like that!

Time to spend some time. In the studio, that is…. /P&Co

Roxette – Spending My Time

Music video by Roxette performing Spending My Time.

Haven't seen this before. Nice. Thanx for sharing, RoxAmLa! /P.

Photos of Roxette Official

Outtake from the CrashBoomBang photo-sessions! /P.

Photos of Roxette Official