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  ★ TDR Archive for June 19th, 2014

GREETINGS FROM THE STUDIO. Having a few minutes fooling around on the computer while MP is mixing! /P.

The road to the Tits & Ass Studio! /P.

Insane Himalayas Bus Ride – not for the faint hearted

STUDIO UPDATE #3: Singing, coffee, coffee, singing, arpeggio-synth, coffee, singing. A day in the life. /P.

The pool era! /P.

Photos of Roxette Official
Look Sharp! — in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Having fun in the 80's! /P.

Photos of Roxette Official

STUDIO UPDATE #2: Strawberries feel forever. /P.

STUDIO UPDATE: A cloudy day today but we don't mind. The sun always shines on T&A!!!! /P.

THE THURSDAY TREAT: Probably my favourite version of one of my favourite songs. Check out the versions by the Four Tops and the original by Left Banke as well if you need ten minutes of bliss! /P.


Looks promising, don't you think? /P.

Some pages are revealed from the upcoming Per Gessle books published pics of some pages of Per’s books being released in September this year. Roos & Tegnér, the publishing company is the guarantee for high quality and Per is the guarantee…