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STUDIO UPDATE: Finito. Clair in the air. Chris needs a break. I need a car. Thanx for standing by. See y'all next time. Have a fab Saturday evening! Cheers, P&C&C.

A great evening. Have to do this again some day…. /P.

Per Gessle-Fru Nordin-live

Per Gessle live from The Maritime Museum ( Sjöhistoriska museet ), Stockholm, Sweden

Early in the morning……. those morning shows are tuff…. /P.

Per Gessle Sing Along Live Nyhetsmorgon 2008-12-06

Per Gessle Sing Along Live Nyhetsmorgon 2008-12-06

Busy St. Lucy’s day for the fans

You already saved the date in your calendar, as we already informed you that the 1-hour-long part of ”Tack för musiken” in which Marie Fredriksson is the guest will be broadcasted on SVT1 at 21:00 CET, 13th December. The show was recorded at the end of August and many fans could buy tickets and be […]

THAT'S A FACT UPDATE: And the grand piano (Bösendorfer) used on my favourite ABBA-album (Arrival) is nowadays standing proudly in our house in Halmstad. I've been writing so many songs on this beauty over the years. I bought in from Glen Studios way back. /P.

A great evening. Have to do this again some day…. /P.

Early in the morning……. those morning shows are tuff…. /P.

From Thiago (who reads his Billboard). Thanx T. /P.

Ask Billboard: Why Aren't Power Ballads So Powerful Anymore?
As always, submit your questions about Billboard charts, as well as general music musings, to Please include your first and last name, as well as your city, state and country, if outside the U.S. Or, Tweet questions to Gary Trust: @gthot20WHY AREN'T POWER BALLADS SO POWERFUL ANY…

STUDIO UPDATE: Chris is playing his fat Martin-guitar, Clair is trying to write a new catchy TV-theme on the Fazer piano. He should work on that, he's fab, he's got hidden talents. New vocals from me any minute now. /P.

What about a video per day until X-mas? Here we go!

STUDIO UPDATE: Vintage synthesizers everywhere. Analogue is king! /P.

Gyllene Tider – I Go to Pieces (live 1985) –

THAT'S A FACT UPDATE: Just realized that the piano we used on "Cry" (Look Sharp!) is the very same piano Queen used for "Bohemian rhapsody"! How about that? /P.

This is funny! I won a Swedish Grammy for songwriter of the year + Marie for Female artist of the year and we were supposed to do lipsync to "Dangerous".
We weren't ready when the song started playing due to the fact that a certain drummer was stuck in the restroom with his pants down! Lovely. /P.

Roxette: Dangerous Playback In Grammys Galan 1989 + Roxette & Marie Receiving An Award
The fragment of "Annu Doftar Kärlek" a cappella is… A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

Wow. Marie in top shape. Haven't seen this since 1812. Thanx Evelyn for reminding us. /P.

Roxette Stars

This morning!

Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos interview on TV4 « Roxette Blog
This morning at 10:15 am CET there was a 15-minute-long interview with Marie and Micke in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. The interview took place at Marie?s & Micke?s home in Stockholm.

Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos interview on TV4

This morning at 10:15 am CET there was a short interview with Marie and Micke in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. The interview took place at Marie’s & Micke’s home in Stockholm. Marie was talking about how grateful she is for everything and they both said they learned how to live in the present. Marie said she […]

God morgon! Missa inte intervjun med Marie och Micke idag kl. 10.15 på TV4 Nyhetsmorgon. Programmet sänds också live på

Good morning! Don't forget to watch the interview with Marie and Micke today at 10:15 (CET) on Nyhetsmorgon. You can watch the programme live here:

#mariefredrikssonNU #nyhetsmorgon
/Team MF

Aktuella och intressanta personer gästar programmet. Det blir också trisskrap samt nyheter varje halvtimme i veckorna och varje heltimme på helgen.

STUDIO UPDATE: Earlybirds today, lots of stuff to take care of at the Aerosol Lunatic Machine. Coffee first, however. /P.

Cheers! /P.

Timeline Photos
Wow! Congrats from the RXB Team, @[364652802798:274:PER GESSLE OFFICIAL]! Keep growing! 🙂 /PP

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared's photo.

Cheers! /P.

Marie Fredriksson

Sista sommarens vals (Digital)

STUDIO UPDATE: C&C are discussing which is most important in life: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. For twenty minutes now. Phew. /P.

STUDIO UPDATE: And then Clarence found my old Jupiter-8! Yummy! /P.

STUDIO UPDATE: Everybody is asking what we're doing in the studio. We're making fantastic music!!!! /P.
PS. Wish y'all could be here!

Marie och Micke intervjuas i morgon på TV4:s Nyhetsmorgon kl 10.15.
Tomorrow morning at 10:15 CET there will be an interview with Marie and Micke on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon!

#mariefredriksson #nyhetsmorgon #tv4
/Team MF

Nyhetsmorgon –
Nyheter, ekonominyheter, sport och väder varje halvtimme med start klockan 06.00 samt lokala nyheter. Dessutom aktuella gäster och musikunderhållning samt trisskrap.

STUDIO UPDATE: Clarence just grabbed the vocal microphone! Thank God for computers! /P.

Great idea! And there will be a big one re "Look Sharp! turning 25" on Sirius/XM in the US pretty soon. 2014 marks the anniversary in the US! /P.

Roxette radio docu on NYE « Roxette Blog
Roxette news and blog

Marie Fredriksson: “Successful because of my fans” « Roxette Blog
In a 20 minutes chat on Aftonbladet Marie Fredriksson answered some questions today. Most of the fans asked about her tour which starts in February.

Roxette radio docu on NYE

If you need something to cheer you up before this year’s New Year’s Eve party, the radio documentary about ”Look Sharp!” – the album, which is still their best as Per says – will be probably your thing. As you could already read it in our earlier articles, Tara Moshizi and Tove Meyer did interviews […]

STUDIO UPDATE: Doing great things here on Planet Aerosol Punk Machine!! How is Planet Earth? /P.