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Om ni missade intervjun Marie gjorde med P4 Premiär förra veckan, så kan ni lyssna igen här:

Marie Fredriksson

Kom vila hos mig (Digital)

Marie interviewed on P4 Premiär

Swedish Radio programme P4 Premiär interviewed Marie during the presentation of her single in Stockholm last Tuesday. Here is a transcript of the interview. We tried our best (Jud with a little help from Patrícia), just drop us a line if you would write things differently. P4: How would you describe the artist Marie Fredriksson […]

Per Gessle – Sven Lindström seminar

Thanks to TV4 Play we could see Per and Sven talking live about Sven’s book ”Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur” at the book fair in Gothenburg. There was no new info during this seminar – we even knew Per has studio hours booked for October. He starts with them tomorrow, but still […]

Göteborg Book Fair – live broadcast

As we already informed you, Per Gessle and Sven Lindström are going to appear at Göteborg Book Fair on Sunday, 29th September. Their seminar about Sven’s book ”Roxette – Den osannolika resan tur och retur” starts at 12:00 CET and has the title ”Roxette – inte bara en joyride” (= Roxette – not just a […]

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared Roxette Official's photo.

Stockholm in May #2

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared Roxette Official's photo.

Stockholm in May!

Fredriksson goes jazz

We have previously reported about jazz musician Magnus Lindgren’s “Souls” album being recorded with Marie Fredriksson contributing to one song called “On a Sunday”. The album is scheduled to be released on the 1st of November and you have chance to listen to 30-second extract from this song here.

“Kom vila hos mig” available for purchase and streaming

Marie Fredriksson’s single is already available for purchase in Scandinavia: Digital single: iTunes CDON Streaming: Spotify Wimp We still don’t have any information about a physical single. We will keep you informed!

PER GESSLE OFFICIAL shared a link.

At the EMI office w/ Kjell Andersson 1983….

Fotos von Gyllene Tider
I've never seen this before!. Where?. Nice pic by the way!. 🙂

She's a beauty!

Fotos von Gyllene Tider
First GT Vinyl!

Marie I växeln – Gyllene Tider
Tema en vivo en la gira Återtåget. tocado con Wilmer X y Love Olzon, una versión impecable.

P4 BLEKINGES SKIVARIV SPECIALPAKET 33 – PER GESSLE, GYLLENE TIDER, ROXETTEDetta paket innehåller det som är på bilden,7 LP och 8 singlarBland annat finns Per Gessle – Scener, tidigare outgivna The Lonely boys på LP och Marie Fredriksson – den bästa dagen.****Dessa skivor är en del av Sveriges Radio…

Please vote for Göran Fritzon’s daughter’s dog photo, Colin! 🙂

The Daily Roxette updated their cover photo.

Marie Fredriksson’s new single is now available on Spotify.

Nu är nya singeln "Kom Vila Hos Mig" ute. Du kan lyssna på den här:


Hej Norge.
I dag har NRK P1 og programmet Nitimen norgespremiere på ”Kom Vila Hos Mig”!

“Kom vila hos mig” lyrics

If you missed Marie Fredriksson hype, check this news and that one too. Oh, don’t forget about this as well! Here below you will find latest Marie Fredriksson’s lyrics written down by some crazy non-Swedish speaking fans, including Nathalie, Patrícia and me. Enjoy! KOM VILA HOS MIG Written by: Mikael Bolyos Tu-tu-tu… Solen den slår […]

Marie’s “Kom vila hos mig” on P4

Here’s Marie’s new single “Kom vila hos mig,” written by Micke Bolyos, which premiered on Swedish radio today. Read the full story...

The Daily Roxette shared a link.

Marie's "Kom vila hos mig" on P4

Here's Marie's new single "Kom vila hos mig," written by Micke Bolyos, which premiered on Swedish radio today. There is also a brand new Marie Fredriksson Facebook page, in Swedish.

Here’s Marie’s new FB page.

Marie Fredriksson

Official Facebook page for Marie Fredriksson.
New album "NU!" out now!

Official Marie Fredriksson Facebook page opened!

Heads to newly opened Marie Fredriksson’s official Facebook page. So much happening in just one day!

I morgon 25 september släpps Marie Fredrikssons nya singel ”Kom vila hos mig” – den första svenska singeln sedan balladen ”Där du andas” som släpptes för sju år sedan. Singeln och det kommande albumet handlar om svaghet, styrka, sorg och glädje som är likvärdiga sidor av världens viktigaste kraft: Kärleken.

Listen to Marie Fredriksson’s new single “Kom vila hos mig”

Lyssna: Lyssna på Marie Fredrikssons nya hit “Kom vila hos mig”

Exclusive premiere of Marie Fredriksson’s single on P4 radio station

Marie Fredriksson’s “Kom vila hos mig” will premiere exclusively on P4 national radio station just after 2PM CET on the 24th of September. Listen to it here. Additionally two new Marie pictures were published – one being “Kom vila hos mig” single cover and one used for world’s premiere article on P4. Both pictures are […]

Marie Fredriksson on the press conference to promote her new single

According to tweets from various sources, including Fredriksson’s manager Marie Dimberg, Niklas Stromstedt or people behing WIMP streaming site, Marie Fredriksson attended the press meeting in Stockholm to promote her new single.

Äntligen är Marie Fredriksson tillbaka på svenska! Nya singeln heter "Kom vila hos mig" och du hör den premiärspelas på P4 Extra idag efter 14.00.