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2013: Gyllene Tider's "Dags att tänka på refrängen" tour

Skovde, Karstorps Fritidsomrade, Sweden

Per with Roxette in Gävle, Sweden August 5, 1987.

Interview with Micke N-S – ”I decided to play the drums after meeting Pelle Alsing”

  Mikael Nogueira Svensson is the most well-known member of the crew among fans. Many people know him as Micke N-S, the guy behind the iPhone, taking the panorama pics we can see on Roxette Official and on Gyllene Tider’s Facebook site. We know his face and sometimes fans are chatting with him at the […]

Gessle om scenen: "Kommer se coolt ut"

Gyllene Tiders extrainsatta spelning i Halmstad är sommarens andra i hemstaden. Skillnaden är ny scendesign och ett tajtare band, enligt Per Gessle. – Nu har vi blivit en grym poptornado som dragit genom landet och fått självförtroende och pondus av folkets ohämmade kärlek!

2013: Gyllene Tider's "Dags att tänka på refrängen" tour

Halmstad, Marknadsplatsen, Sweden

Interview with Micke Syd: “It’s the way we deliver the songs and the communication with you that create this good vibe, I think it’s very unique.”

We met Micke Syd in a café in Södermalm, one of the nicest districts of Stockholm, the Monday after the Stockholm concert. The weather wasn’t as nice as the previous days, but still allowed us to sit outside for “fika”, the Swedish word for “drinking coffee”. After a bit of chit-chat about our stay in […]

Bid on a unique GT photo. 100×140 cm.

Exklusiv tavla signerad av Gyllene Tider i ett enda exemplar

Nu har ni chansen att bjuda på en unik signerad tavla på Gyllene Tider som finns enbart i ett exemplar.Tavlan mäter 100 x 140 cm. Inramad i en svart träram och bilden är printad på Fine Art 100% syrafritt bomullspapper. Signerad av fotografen och upplaga 1/1All behållning 100% går till Barnavdelning…

2013: Gyllene Tider's "Dags att tänka på refrängen" tour

Ornskoldsvik, Strandparken, Sweden

2013: Gyllene Tider's "Dags att tänka på refrängen" tour

Sundsvall, Konsertfest Norrporten Arena, Sweden


Gyllene tider väntar för evigt unge Gessle

Med Gyllene Tider, Roxette och som soloartist har Per Gessle levererat hits i över 30 år. Och han har inga planer på att varva ned än. – Det kommer säkert fler dur- och moll-ackord från mig.

Hats off to Gyllene Tider’s security team

Micke Syd told us in an interview (which will be on this website soon!) last Monday that he was very happy about the numbering system that was created during this tour for those queueing all day, and he has just posted a nice success story in his blog on We are glad to have a lot of […]

#gtsommar – Fans meet Gyllene Tider!

As you may have seen on our website, we organized two contests to get the chance to win a meet & greet with Gyllene Tider in Halmstad or in Stockholm. Appart from that, many newspapers have organized meet & greet contests and some fans organized these meetings on their own. The meet & greets are […]

Das meet & greet in Gävle.

The Man, the Myth, the MP

GÄVLE – 8,600 souls came to Gasklockorna in Gävle last night – a night with perfect concert weather. Read the full story...

Another one for the archives.

The Man, the Myth, the MP

GÄVLE – 8,600 souls came to Gasklockorna in Gävle last night. The concert was basically identical to the one in Stockholm a few days earlier.

Gävle was spectacular!