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#gtsommar Which colour of Gyllene Tider’s poster artwork you prefer?

There seem to be 4 artworks in different colours of Gyllene Tider’s posters / ads. Which one do you like the most? Vote here! (or on FB)                                                                         Artworks are available on Gyllene Tider’s Artwork 2013 Pinterest board.  

Elektroniska Tider, for all your Gyllene needs, now in Swedish as well!

Gyllene Tider /::/ Elektroniska Tider /::/

Gyllene Tider – Elektroniska Tider: The (almost) official homepage of Sweden's coolest band ever. Find information about Per Gessle, Mats Persson, Goran Fritzon, Anders Herrlin and Micke Andersson. Listen to all their songs and check out their history.

#gtsommar The official Gyllene Tider tour poster

On the Gyllene Tider’s Instagram profile the official tour poster was posted. Additionally in many regional daily papers around Sweden ads for certain GT concerts were published – this is one of examples for Gothenburg, with a different background than the official poster. Additionally the band did a short video where they announce the ticket […]

The Gyllene Tider tickets are out! Also, their new website has been published.

Gyllene Tider

Gyllene Tider