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  ★ TDR Archive for December 21st, 2012

[News] Merry Roxmas!

Merry Roxmas!

Friends and neighbors. 2012 turned out to be a smashing year. Big big tour, new songs = new album, loads and loads of autographs signed, letters written, stamped and sent, guitar picks urgently needed by all of you, thousands of intelligent and uplifting comments on the web published, old pictures and vids popping up, new ones finding their place in the Rox history. Read the full story...

The Aerosol Grey Machine. A little higher resolution than in the articles. Stay tuned, we still have a few interesting stories to tell.

[News] Face to face with Christoffer Lundquist. Pt. 9: “Remixes don’t say anything to me”

Small Apartments trailer

A “Small Apartments” related happening a day keeps the doctor away. The movie’s bizarre trailer premiered on Entertainment Weekly today. Click here or watch the embedded video below and enjoy. Can you hear any familiar vibes in the background?   //   Basia Konarzewska contributed to the article.