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  ★ TDR Archive for December 10th, 2012

Face to face with Clarence Öfwerman. Pt. 4: “That’s why I started wearing hats”

Clarence Öfwerman: “I like this gang.” K: Do you think that computers made it more difficult to make music?C: Yeah, in a way, yes.K: Before it was like you had your live session in the studio, you record one take…C: …or you have 95 takes…K: Yes, and number 95 finally is the right one. Read the full story...

If you want to know who told Clarence to wear green trousers on stage, check in around two hours. Just a hint: the person is part of the TDR Advent calendar… 😉 (screenshot from the EHM DVD kindly taken by Justyna B.)

Happy birthday to Gyllene Tider’s first single “Himmel No 7” which turns 33 today!

[News] Face to face with Clarence Öfwerman. Pt. 3: “It’s Possible? I don’t like this song”