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Roxette in Vancouver, Canada. Photo courtesy of our good friend Ian Seggie.

Swedish SVT to show opening ceremony of Friends Arena

According to the article, Swedish public broadcaster SVT will show inauguration ceremony of Friends Arena on the 27th of October. As we have previously informed, Roxette are scheduled to perform there, among other Swedish artists. contributed to the article

World Tour 2012: Edmonton, Canada – September 10 #137

Comment from Per Gessle Edmonton! Yeah! What a night! Best gig since NYC (even though all of them have been fab!). Great great crowd, band in top shape (love that flow in the songs…it happens sometimes….) and lots of fun everywhere. Thank you everyone. Vancouver next!!!! Cheers. Setlist 01. Dressed For Success 02. Sleeping In […]

World Tour 2012: Calgary, Canada – September 9 #136

Comment from Per Gessle I’ll try this dance tonight in Calgary! Looks like these ppl are having a good time, yea? (Starts at around 50 secs). Thanx Eva for showing us some real stuff. Thank you Calgary for a wonderful Sunday evening! Great crowd, lots of love in the air, we had a blast. Hope […]

World Tour 2012: Winnipeg, Canada – September 7 #135

Comment from Per Gessle Winnipeg! Thanx for an outstanding evening. Super crowd and a nice reception indeed. We played here 20 years ago and would love to come back anytime. Next time I promise not to sing “My papa told to stay out of supper” in CBB! My life is a Dali painting. Cheers, P&M&Co […]

Gessle for I look through what I have and let my imagination run wild

Per Gessle has been interviewed by recently, just before Roxette’s very first gig in LA. Here’s the most interesting quote regarding the song recorded for “Travelling” album. There’s a song on the new album called “Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife.” What’s that about? You tell me. [Laughs] […]

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada–glass-tiger-frozen-in-time-at-edmonton-show

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Rexall Place, Edmonton, Canada

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, Canada

There are now a few more photos added to the Beacon article on our site. Enjoy!

"So you think Sweden is all fun and games huh? It can be very dark." – The Beacon, NYC

NEW YORK CITY – Shortly after 9 pm Roxette entered the stage at The Beacon Theatre on 74th and Broadway in New York City, USA. Before that Per and Marie had met up with happy fans, old friends and media in the basement of the theater.

Roxette at the Beacon, NYC

Roxette rocking the Beacon.

Dressed For Success. Chris at the Beacon.

Yummy Macaroons in Roxette’s dressing room at the Beacon.

If you had one word… what would it be? US fans know the answer!

Roxette Fans USA welcomed the Roxette’s Neverending Tour through a clip done by Jennifer Malcome. The task was to take a picture of yourself and pick up a word that could describe fans’ feelings toward Roxette’s return to the country. Here below is the audiovisual effect of this unusual survey. And if you had one […]

The Daily Roxette updated their cover photo.

And the winners are…

The Daily Roxette in cooperation with Roxette’s official web store are proud to present the winners in our contest. Read the full story...

[News] And the winners are…

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Canada

Btw. The 10″ single of Sweet Hello is made in 600 copies only.

Gessle for Aftonbladet: we must decide what to do with Roxette

While Roxette was in New York, Per Gessle met Per Bjurman, journalist of Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Gessle hasn’t revealed anything new, but there are some facts that we should take into consideration thinking about Roxette and Gyllene Tider’s future. Those are the most interesting quotes from him. The tour has been the world’s weirdest rehab, […]

Those lyrics will never be the same again – blackout version of a popular song

If you thought Roxette play only well-known +20-year-old songs, so you’re wrong. On the night like that, September 4 in Boston, Per came up with a totally new music line and lyrics for “Joyride” album hidden classic – “Things will never be the same”, making Marie singing acapella through some parts of the song. Here […]

Mexican fans getting ready for a spectacular closure of the Roxette tour

Mexican fans in their Facebook group collected a lot of different photos of people, banners, their amazing collections as it is only 12 days to the last stop during this so-many-different-names-Neverending-Charm-School-Travelling-Back-with-the-greatest-hits-no-name World Tour that Roxette have started 20 months ago. The last (?) concert will take place in Mexico City on Wednesday, September 19 and […]

“So you think Sweden is all fun and games huh? It can be very dark.” – The Beacon, NYC

NEW YORK CITY – Shortly after 9 pm Roxette entered the stage at The Beacon Theatre on 74th and Broadway in New York City, USA. Read the full story...

[News] “So you think Sweden is all fun and games huh? It can be very dark.” – The Beacon, NYC

Travelling with Roxette – German TV report

Here’s the very latest report covering the only German concert in June this year. It tells the story of a German fan – Astrid Lenhard from Hanover, the 34-years-old sport-therapist, mother of two. You will see her travelling “with” Roxette all over the country and Europe. Interview with Per Gessle is also included in this […]