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Roxette back on the charts in the U.S.

After an absence of a little over 10 years, Roxette is back on the charts in the United States. Read the full story...

[News] Back in the US

Back in the US!

Roxette is back in the US again! “Radio” entered the Billboard Adult/Contemporary chart at #30 today.

Roxette’s new stage in progress

The “damp” blog by Lucas Lindholm offers some interesting insight to the preparation of Roxette’s new stage equipment for the upcoming European leg of the Charm School World Tour. The more-or-less locally rented stages of the previous tour legs seem to get replaced by more dedicated touring equipment. Per hinted at stage upgrades in an […]

Coldplay single “Paradise” inspired by “Wish I Could Fly”?

Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reports about a striking similarity between the backing tracks (not the vocal melody) of Coldplay’s new single “Paradise” and Roxette’s hit “Wish I Could Fly” from 1999. Coldplay have been in the focus of plagiarism claims before with previous singles, so the author asks if Chris Martin & Co. have asked […]

Unknown promotional “Charm school” photo

Caroline Roosmark has done a photo session for Roxette back in January. Up till now 4 promotional pictures were available. Lately EMI Music Sweden has prepared Roxette “Charm school” postarcds with another, unknown shoot of the duo on the front and with Roxette and Charm school names in the back written with the well-known font […]

“Speak to me” to be performed on “Die Ultimative Chart-show”

On Friday, November 11 German TV channel RTL will broadcast “Die Ultimative Chart-show” with Roxette as the special guests. Roxette are said to perform “Speak to me” single. “25 Jahre Kuschelrock – Die große Jubiläumsshow” is a special episode of the programme that will celebrate 25 years of the well-known CD compilation series called “Kuschelrock”.

Thomas Johansson: No one believed we would sell a million tickets reports that Live Nation Sweden chief Thomas Johansson confirms that the current Roxette World Tour sale will reach 1 million tickets. He comments: If I had said we would do a million tickets when we first started out, I’m not sure if people would have told me to go to the pub or to […]

Roxette will play in Kiev on December 6 reports on the very successful Roxette’s concert in front of 5,000 people that took place in Kiev in March this year. Even if there is no confirmed date, this article clearly states that Roxette will play in Ukraine for the second time this year. It is very likely that St. Petersburg won’t be the […]

Jonas Åkerlund to d&d

Director and photographer Jonas Åkerlund (Gessle, Roxette, Metallica, Madonna, Prodigy, etc.) is now represented in Scandinavia by d&d management , the same firm that manages Roxette. Read the full story...

[News] Jonas Åkerlund to d&d

[News] New book chronicles stories behind iconic 1980s single covers

New book chronicles stories behind iconic 1980s single covers

NEW YORK – Matthew Chojnacki, a self-described “huge Roxette fan” from Cleveland, Ohio, tells a story about going to record stores while growing up in Cleveland that is strikingly similar to the one Per tells about his own boyhood in Halmstad. Read the full story...

Gessle on dinner with Swedish Prime Minister

As Aftonbladet reports, Per Gessle and his wife Åsa were invited to dinner organized by Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt at Red Rooser restaurant in New York. This dinner was a very special event to all Swedish celebrities living and being successful in the US. Per himself commented Had a great night at Red Rooster […]

The full-lenght Borgholm Badrock concert – one of the very first live Roxette performances

Thanks to Ted Holgersson for sending this through.

[News] Join the Flumeride – again

Join the Flumeride – again

The old classic Roxette/Gyllene Tider spoof “Join the Flumeride” is coming back to haunt you on September 30. Read the full story...

Per reveals – Roxette to tour Southeast Asia 2012

In the latest Swedish Radio interview for Svensktoppen chart show, Per Gessle informed that Roxette would perfom in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia next year – no specific places were given. Per talked about the current world tour, new album Tourism 2 and projects he is involved in.

Fun vids for all ages!

Per Gessle -The Next Big Thing

Per Gessle was born in Halmstad, Sweden, and quickly became a devoted music fan, one of many 60’s kids who dreamed about fronting a pop group. But for Per Gessle, reality would exceed his wildest dreams, making him the uncrowned king of Swedish pop.

SWISS interview with Per Gessle

If there is something you did not know about Per Gessle, so now you have a chance to get to know him a little better. Manuela Gretener, Manager Inflight Entertainment at SWISS International Airlines, had a chance to talk with the Man. Here are the most interesting answers. Have you got any favourite locations where […]

TV ad for the German autumn tour

Thanks to Daniel Kühn for sending this through.

Vote for STM on SWR3

Ivan Kelava let us know, that you can vote for “Speak to me” single in one of the biggest German radio stations called SWR3. If you have a moment, just fill in your NAME, your CITY and that CODE down there. STM is on position 3 at the moment. VOTE

Roxette’s ONE and ONLY Australian show… err… becomes NINE!

Having been knocked back by two Aussie promoters, largely ignored by EMI Australia for the better part of two decades and having not stepped foot on Australian soil since early 1995, Roxette will make their ass-kicking triumphant return to Australia with nine super shows! Read the full story...

[News] Roxette’s ONE and ONLY Australian show… err… becomes NINE!

100,000 tickets sold Down-Under – two new shows, Perth dates rescheduled

Live Nation Australia & New Zealand has added two more shows in Australia on its website. In addition, the two shows in Perth have been rescheduled and are now end of February. Per Gessle was interviewed by Cameron Adams for Herald Sun Nobody really wanted to tour us in Australia, eventually we found someone who […]

Per Gessle interviewed on the Israeli TV2 channel

As we informed yesterday, Roxette is the biggest selling artist in Israel at the moment. As one of promotional activities for the coming Tel Aviv concert, Per Gessle was interviewed by Israeli TV2 – you don’t have to practice your Hebrew this time as the interview is in English, only subtitled Thanks to Shelly Frida […]

“In My Own Way” (Fan Video Edit)

Thanks to Lionel Zaragocin for finding this one.

New Czech TV-interview with Per Gessle, now without Czech dubbing

Original version of Prague’s interview in English without Czech dabbing can be seen and heard on Czech TV website. Just follow the link and enjoy…

“The Look” suites in Hotel Tylösand

Hotel Tylösand, owned by Per Gessle and Björn Nordstrand, was going through major renovation and reconstruction in the previous months. On the Hotel’s Facebook page several photos from the newly opened “The Look” suite were posted. Yep, this room has definitely got the look! Thanks to Monika Nowak for this information.

New Czech TV-interview with Per Gessle

Marek Eben, host of “Na plovárne” (Swimming with…) programme on the Czech TV2, had a chance to talk with Per Gessle just before the Roxette’s Prague concert on June 5th. Practice your Czech!

Roxette greetings to Israeli fans

Just before Sukierrock Festival concert in Tienen, Belgium on July 31st, Roxette recorded very short ID with greeting to all Israeli fans. Have a look here. Currently Roxette’s gig is the most popular concert on website. The very first Israeli concert will take place in Tel Aviv on October 22nd. Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy […]