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Roxette in Tallinn: a night we will never forget

TALLINN – On Monday 18th of July a long-waited dream became true for all the Estonian fans – Roxette playing in Tallinn. Read the full story...

[News] Roxette in Tallinn: a night we will never forget

Interview with Christoffer Lundquist: “Music should have a lot of human quality and this means also mistakes”

We met Christoffer Lundquist in Prague some hours before the concert to talk about his solo album “Through The Window”, the award he received in May and the Roxette tour 2011. Take some time to read it and enjoy! Judith: We wanted to ask you some questions about the album. First off, congratulations for this […] – issues with tickets again – this time for Tivoli concert on Friday

Only few days ago a decision was made on the conflict between Live Nation and after the Roxette gig in Halmstad and here we have another matter to solve. has not got much of positive coverage in the Swedish and Danish media last days. They are selling tickets for the Roxette Copenhagen show […] back in action

The Daily Roxette has mentioned this before, but according to an article in today’s Aftonbladet Read the full story...

[News] back in action

World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – July 18 #48

Comment from Per Gessle Oh what a night it was it really was such a night….. My Gosh, Tallinn is exploding!!!! Super fabulous gig, amazing crowd, tremendous reception. Band really on its toes, Marie in top shape and it was pretty sweaty for me too! Thanx dears for making this a night to remember. Love […]

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Saku Hall, Tallinn, Estland

Old fav. Stockholm with Marie. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Halmstad=Centre of the universe. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Amsterdam. Are you cookin’? PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Hamburg. Cheers to Paul. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Hamburg. The official pig! PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Rehearsals. New key. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Before the encore, Sthlm. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. The drummer’s on the loose in Sthlm. PC Tour 2009

Old fav from Sthlm. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. The famous guy. Adam. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. More from A-dam. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Stupid in Amsterdam! PC Tour 2009

Old fav. Soup in Amsterdam. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. A-dam again. PC Tour 2009

Old fav. PC Tour 2009 Amsterdam I believe

”Fansen sliter oss i stycken” Christoffer Lundquist om den galna evighetsturnén med Roxette

Han har släppt egen platta, jobbar som producent, spelar i Brainpool – och turnerar just nu världen över med Roxette. – Vi blir slitna i stycken av folk som står med flaggor och v

Old fav from London. PC Tour 2009

Old fav from Hamburg – The Official Pig! PC Tour 2009

World Tour 2011: Roxette has landed in Tallinn

Roxette was going to perform in Tallinn on March 18, but the concert was cancelled due to Marie’s illness. New date was picked up – July 18th. Roxette landed in the Estonian capital yesterday and was welcomed by several photoreporters and fans. By the way, BoJo has finished his Metallica project and is back with […]

World Tour 2011: Parainen, Finland – July 16 #47

Comment from Per Gessle PARGAS!!! Thanx for a most charming evening! What an absolutely freaky out-of-this-world sort of venue. Loved it!!!!!! Great crowd, pretty loose band, Jeeeezus-We just love to play with these guys and dolls!!! Oh yea, we sure had a blast. Thanx thanx thanx a million for showing up, dear Suomi fans!!! Kiitos. […]

Per Gessle for South African Top Billing – full TV-interview

Thanks to Heidi Janse Van Rensburg of Roxette South Africa.

OLd fav from Prague PC Tour 2009

Old fav from Warszaw. Yes. PC Tour 2009. Where else?

Old fav from Warszaw – PC Tour 2009