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Stunning (as always) short film from the backstage hysteria at The Ultimate Chart Show in Cologne out now on Facebook: ROXETTE OFFICIAL

Cordoba gig is sold-out

We were informed by fans (e.g. Eloy Mathesan) that the second gig in Argentina in Cordoba is sold-out. It means that around 8,000 tickets were sold. On the other hand – only about 30% of tickets for the second Buenos Aires gig are left.

ARD “Brisant” interview with Per Gessle

More #1’s

Roxette is not only #1 in Germany, but now also in Czech Republic and Switzerland!

Musicians for a reduced VAT rate

Per Gessle amongst other important artists as Andrés Calamaro from Argentina, Alejandro Sanz, Carmona Bros of Ketama and Niña Pastori from Spain, Krezip members from the Netherlands, Tiziano Ferro and Jovanotti from Italy, Air members from France, Sir Elton John and Sir Tom Jones from UK have signed a petition asking for a reduced VAT […]

[News] “Missing” tour dates back

And Rox is No 2 with Charm School in Austria and Sweden. Who would’ve thought?

And Rox is No 1 with Charm School in the Czech Republic. Yeehaa!

Heard something about Rox Charm School being No 1 in Switzerland too! Absolutely fab news! Cheers, P.

“Missing” tour dates back

Regarding the Roxette World Tour that starts February 28 in Kazan, Russia; two dates have returned and one date is gone: Mexico City, Mexico has vanished from the tour schedule, it may be back though, stranger things have happened. Read the full story...

Roxette on Audi RockPop Festival

Despite earlier fears, it seems like two new German June concerts will take place in the end. published an information yesterday that Roxette is to perform together with Ich&Ich on Festival that will take place in Ingolstadt on June 24th. This event will celebrate opening of the new stadium for local football team Ingolstadt […]

Just came back from The Ultimate Chart Show. Did two songs, SGNO + The Look. A big thank you to all of you showing up singing along and kickin’ ass. Much appreciated!

Actually, just learned that Joyride was No 1 too back in 1991. Short memory!

[News] “Charm School” #1 in Germany

Charm School #1 on German charts!

Roxette’s album Charm School was released last week is now entering the official German album chart at #1!

Greetings from Cologne. TV show tonite. The band is cooking.

“Charm School” #1 in Germany

Charm School has entered the official German albums chart at #1! This is according to a press release titled "Roxette succeed in splendid comeback" by German market research institution Media Control which was published this morning. Read the full story...

It’s actually sensational news re Charm School hitting No 1. Unbelievable, really. The only other No 1 we’ve had in Germany is Tourism back in 1992. Awrite!

Great news: CHARM SCHOOL is Number One on the Official German albumchart!!! How wonderful. Thanx everyone who helped out making this happen.

Rox interview on Swedish radio

Yesterday, Per and Marie were interviewed by Lotta Bromé for Swedish radio show "P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé" on Sveriges Radio P4.

Interview with Roxette on Swedish radio today

Lotta Bromé has interviewed Roxette for her radio programme P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé. The interview will be aired (not live) today at 13:25 on SR – P4 channel. You can already listen to a short part of it on the website. In this short teaser, Marie explains doctors gave her only half a year […]

Mexico date off the tour published an updated 2011 World Tour schedule yesterday. It was long speculated if the actual gig in Mexico would take place as the sale had not started in the last 3 months. Now it seems like the concert was cancelled. We were unoficially informed that Montevideo gig would be organized on April 2nd instead […]

Some now picks for the tour…..

Here’s the link…

to the Roxette interview on TV4 Play. Enjoy!

Win a copy of “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” promo single!

Updated February 28th: Contest is over. We will announce the winners this week. Good luck! We have 10 “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” promo singles (1-track, orange/red cover) to give away, courtesy of EMI Austria. In order to participate, answer to these three questions and send them to [email protected] latest 27th February 2011. […]

Roxette greetings for Spanish fans


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