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Interview with Per!

Interview starts around 4:35.

Special Gessle song for Victoria & Daniel! More to come!

From June 18: According to Aftonbladet, Per surprised Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling with a performance of a brandnew song at yesterday’s party. Aftonbladet describes it as a romantic ballad specially written for the couple. But that’s not all, there’s another song to be revealed at the actual wedding party – where Roxette will perform […]

Per Gessle on the cover of “Språk”

In the “Språk” (Language) summer issue several Swedish artists talk about their favorite languages. Per Gessle is one of them. He sings both in English and Swedish and likes both languages. But if you got to decide, which language do you think that Per Gessle should choose for his next song? [voting chart]

Most rewarding Roxette-show last night at the Royal Castle. Played 5 songs; “The Look,” “LTYH,” “Joyride,” “DFS” + encore: “IMHBL.”

[News] “Sensational party!”

Roxette at the reception – 19.06.2010

Here is the list of songs that Roxette played at the reception on June 19th: 1. Om du bara vill 2. The look 3. Listen to your heart 4. Joyride Encore: 5. It must have been love Per also sent a message to TDR, which you can read here: “Sensational party!“. “Dressed for Success “, […]

Marie Fredriksson: “They loved our show” (18.06.2010)

Marie and Per were interviewed by Aftonbladet journalist just after the performance on June 18th. “It was just wonderful to sing “The Look”, tells Marie to Aftonbladet, “Victoria and Daniel were both so “ooh”, they loved it. Victoria is absolutely fantastic and I am so happy that she likes us”. Per also thought it was […]

“Sensational party!”

STOCKHOLM – Most rewarding Roxette-show last night at the Royal Castle. Played 5 songs; "The Look," "LTYH," "Joyride," "DFS" + encore: "IMHBL." Read the full story...

Roxette on the wedding day – June 19th.

Visit SvD for pictures of Per and Marie at the wedding. If you have any other picture or clip with Per or Marie (according to Swedish tabloids, she was also there), please inform us in the comment section.

[News] Roxette performed The Look

Roxette at the pre-wedding concert – June 18th.

Roxette played one song – The Look – and made the whole royalty stand up in the end. Misc: Helena Josefsson didn’t have a microphone in the beginning, Jonas supported the band on lead guitar and Per painted his finger nails black again. Aftonbladet also already reported about the performance, saying that even the King […]

New song from Per?

STOCKHOLM (Updated) – At the party for Crown Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel Per Gessle surprised them both with a song especially written for them. Read the full story...

Roxette performed “The Look”

On royal request Roxette performed "The Look" before Crown Princess Victoria and soon-to-be-prince Daniel and most of Scandinavia's and Europe's royalty tonight. Read the full story...

[News] New song from Per

Roxette: other performances

Slottet Stockholm, Daniel and Vickans wedding

Per Gessle at the royal ball – June 17th

Tonight at Drottnigsholm Palace the big pre-wedding dinner takes place for 200 closests friends and relatives. Per Gessle is one of the guest and came to the castle at 7.15 PM local time with his wife Åsa. For pictures visit Expressen, Aftonbladet, SvD, SVT, Italehi,

Smukfest: 22,000 tickets are sold

Tickets for this year’s edition of Skanderborg Festival sell so good that the festival will announce sold out very soon, reports. Over 22,000 tickets are sold. – There are only 3,000 tickets left and we can already announce sold out for Friday and Saturday. It is very probable we will announce sold out at […]

Interview with Per Gessle: “We’re talking about recording shows for a DVD-release”

We got hold of Per Gessle during the rehearsals for the coming Roxette performance at Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling’s wedding this Friday and Saturday and asked him about the new Roxette album, the upcoming tour and Per’s online activity. Here is the interview! We would like to start with questions about the recordings. How […]

The best you’ve ever seen:

Designing the setlist for the upcoming Rox shows. So many songs, so little time.

Song of the day: ROCKPILE’s “Teacher Teacher” Run and hide!

Great videos & pics from the Rox rehearsals only at

Per Gessle – Snowfish

So many songs, so little time

German and Austrian media report about Roxette’s performance at the Royal Wedding

RTL’s Exclusiv (see online, minute 7) from Friday 11th of June reported about Princess Victoria’s wish to have Roxette perform at her wedding. During the same day various German and Austrian newspapers reported about an article published by “Stockholm newspapers”, where it was mentioned that Roxette would perform AT the wedding. We knew Per and […]

Gessle-book gets cover published the very simple cover of “Per Gessle: Per Gessle Albums, Per Gessle Songs, Roxette, Roxette Albums, Roxette Songs, Roxette Video Albums, Songs Written by Per Gessle” book. Meanwhile added description of one of books which seems to be different than these two on – “Songs Written by Per Gessle: It Must […]

Roxette billboards in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Evgeny Perekopskiy from Moscow took few photos of Roxette billboards that advertise their gigs which will take place on September 10th and 12th, 2010.

Helena joined us for the rehearsals today. Always a pleasure. What else? Tried a couple of new songs in different keys. Pelle had a clean t-shirt.

[News] Win Roxette tickets

Win Roxette tickets

SUNDSVALL – As you know Roxette will play Sundsvall August 7. Now you can win tickets to the gig. Read the full story...

Fresh video from the Roxette rehearsals!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Da doo ron ron

Had so much fun rehearsing today. Tried some songs we haven’t played live before – EVER!!!! They sounded hmpff! New dice tomorrow!

Another great day rehearsing. Magnus in his new grey Bottega Veneta-suit, Pelle in his Leeds United tee and me… just lovin’ it.

New hot Rox in the studio home video at your favourite hoolabaloo-spot:

Per Gessle – Snowfish