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Problems with the official Roxette shop?

We got this e-mail from one of fans – Andreas from Germany. If you had this same kind of trouble with Roxette official shop, just let us know. In January I ordered some items via the official Roxette merchandise shop in the UK. One item was not delivered, so I tried to get a reply […]

Happy birthday, Marie!

Marie has her day today. Send her best wishes and yes – celebrate this special day!

Roxette promoted on Aussie TV

Australia seems to be promoting Roxette a bit lately, we have had music channel VH1 playing Roxette Live in Sydney, also played on MTV Classic and now Roxette in the 100 top power ballads on Max TV. Read the full story...

The Race Legends ticket.

Thanks to Christina Röhrs.

[News] Roxette in Oz

Helena Josefsson to sing with Roxette on Victoria’s wedding

Taken from Helena Josefsson’s official website: Just a small update! Recording and composing with Sandy Mouche gives me a lot of joy in between the exam- studies. No news about the solo-album so far. Singing backing vocals with Roxette when our Princess gets married! Now I´ll pick up my sun-beam-boy at his grand mother. Have […]

Swedish musical about the 80ies to feature Gyllene Tider songs

According to an article on BLT, Philip Zandén is going to direct the musical “Älska mig i natt”, which is going to follow the concept of Mamma mia! but with Swedish hits from the 80ies. The show is to feature about 30 songs of artists such as Orup, Gyllene Tider, Eva Dahlgren or Lisa Nilsson. […]

Roxette at The Fishmarket! + New Mazarin pic!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Smells good!

Anderstorp ticket

E-ticket for Anderstorp Roxette show bought on If you have any other ticket you would like to show (without codes, of course!), just let us know at [email protected]

Song of the day: TAX FREE by HANSSON & KARLSSON. Most charming!

Marie’s singing, I’m talking! Only here: PS. New picture from my office….

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Oh la di dah’s blog publishes a new video at least once a week in its blog section in which organizers discuss issues around Sundsvall festival – e.g Roxette’s favourite song, Roxette’s performance on Victoria’s wedding or concert sceneography.

Gessle, Ulvaeus and Ledin behind “Next Big Thing” contest

According to DagensIndustri, pop legends Björn Ulvaeus, Tomas Ledin and Per Gessle are behind a new project which they hope will become Sweden’s biggest music competition – a kind of “Idol” on the web. It drew my attention that artists and songwriters can make money online, says Per Gessle to Dagens Industri. Behind the contest […]

Newspapers confirm: Roxette will play on Victoria’s wedding!

The rumours reach back to January, but know it looks like confirmed: Roxette will perform on the special concert to Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding! Over the weekend several scandinavian newspapers reported about Roxette, Benny Andersson and Carola (wedding dinner) to be among the invited performers. Officially it’s still secret, but Aftonbladet tells about Victorias […]

Per Gessle answers to questions from fans

Q from David Di Troia: Hey Per! What are the stories with these songs? Taken From BMI: ONLY YOU – Is it really as bad as you made it out to be? Was it meant for TWATG? BEING WITH YOU ONLY WHEN I DREAM LOUD CLOTHES HOLIDAY LIBERAME AMOR – Is this the Spanish version […]

Gessle to present classical rock photos

Per Gessle loves classical rock photos. This summer he will present works of his most favourite photographer – 71-years-old American Henry Diltz at Tres Hombres Art Gallery in Tylösand Hotel. This man has taken the most legendary photos of The Doors, Neil Yound, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Eagles, Joni Mitchell or Jimi Hendrix. The opening […]

Official Roxette channel on YouTube?

You may have noticed that it got harder and harder to find official Roxette music videos on YouTube in the past months. That banning of “official” content is a matter of copyright issues between YouTube, music labels and the recording rights organisations. Now it appears that a user called “roxette” uploaded all the Roxette videos […]

Gyllene Tider’s first time on stage.

32 years ago. Gyllene Tider – Live at Medborgarhuset (Bio Reflex) in Getinge May 12, 1978, Friday at 7.30 pm Tickets: 10 SEK [just 20 were sold, other people were allowed to enter for free] The band: Per Gessle Mats Persson Micke “Keef” Andersson (aka “Syd” in the later years) Janne “Bas” Carlsson Total time: […] article on Roxette’s new album published an article about Roxette’s new album. You can read it here:

Join the Joyride – Porto Alegre concert

She did it again. Danyela Etchart, Brazilian fan, created an amazing documentary about Roxette “Join the Joyride!” tour concert in Porto Alegre, Brazil on May 6th, 1992. It was 18 years ago. More on that concert you can read on Dany’s fan blog.

Four Rox songs ready for mix. I’m just as surprised as you are!

Rox in the studio! Watch the birth of the new album on

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Clarence is the new cembalo king!!!

Song of the day: THE FREE ELECTRIC BAND. Albert Hammond. Aaaah, those were the days….

Doing another Nordic Rox-radio bonanza with jolly Sven Lindström. This show is about the music scene in Sweden 1994. Swell. Don’t know if you can catch it here in Europe. It’s on Sirius XM – THe Spectrum in the States.

No sax solos so far.

Roxette play The Doors!!!!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

You know that it would be untrue… turns one year old

April 2009. All of a sudden, many things were going on in the Roxette world. Per was on his Party Crasher Tour, rumours that Marie was to join Per in one of his shows, rumours about “Night of the Proms”, information was posted here and there, it was hard to keep up with all informations and […]

Watch Åsa Gessle’s interview on TV4

Here you have a chance to watch 8-minutes-long interview with Åsa Gessle in Swedish on TV4. Thanks to Dany and Rosina for informations.

Unknown picture from “Hitlåtens historia”

Unknown picture from making of “Hitlåtens historia” was published today on Clarence “the third member of Roxette” Öfwerman joined Marie and Per in this photography. Source: NRK

Roxette on Smukfest

Søndag 08-08-2010 Scene: Bøgescenerne 12.15 Aarhus Symfoniorkester 14.15 Walther Trout 16.15 Sanne 18.15 Amy Macdonald 20.15 Kent 22.15 Roxette

Norwegian NRK1 showed “Hitlåtens historie”

Norwegian TV station NRK1 showed “Hitlåtens historie” also known in Swedish as “Hitlåtens historia” – documentary on the story of “The look” hit single. There is no additional footage or any changes. Subtitles and the reader’s voice are in Norwegian. Source: NRK

Åsa Gessle on TV tomorrow

Per Gessle’s wife, Åsa Gessle, will be on TV tomorrow. The show called “Förkväll” hosted on TV4 will provide a short film about her work as a designer. She designed a lamp called “in love” which you can see here. The show airs at 5.00 pm (CET) until 6.30 pm (CET). How long the report […]