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  ★ TDR Archive for April, 2010 publishes new Per-interview

STOCKHOLM – A brand new interview, by tevensso, published on, check it out! Read the full story...

Sundsvall ticket

Thanks to Danyela Etchart.

[News] publishes new Per-interview

Fresh interview with Per!

Head over to to read a brand new interview with Per, talking about Roxette touring and recording again – and Marie & Per’s motivation behind it!

Steaming hot Per-interview by Mr. Evensson: Per, you’re taking the old Roxette train on the road again, why?

200,000 SEK for Roxette’s gig in Sundvall

According to Dagbladet article, Sundsvall municipality will pay over 200,000 SEK for promotion of forthcoming summer festival on which Roxette will perform. Maria Åslin from Norrporten Arena says that this festival is perfect promotion of town and region. Money will be spent on advertisments in press, TV- and radiostations as well as on posters and […]

Electric band 2010 without Jonas Isacsson

According to the German Night of the Proms fan website, Jonas Isacsson won’t be part of the Night of the Proms this year. A Dutch guitarist called Rob Winter will take Jonas’ place in the Electric Band in 2010. Jonas, who didn’t hesitate to say he’d do the tour again this year, says: He played […]

Sundsvall Roxette gig gets its own website

Media are really interested in summer Roxette concert that will take place in Sundsvall on August 7th. It will be the first full Roxette gig since 2001. According to the press release it will be the first European Roxette concert. It can mean there is no chance for any other show before August 7th. After […]

Norrporten Arena – sectors

Source: Entre Sundsvall

Moscow certificates

Buying standing tickets for Moscow show is not as easy and simple as you may expected. Firstly you have to receive a certifacte which could be exchanged for a real ticket between September 8th and 10th. Here is the whole information: Certificates for tickets in the dance stalls are subject to mandatory exchange (not valid […]

Phew! New videos from the studio. is where it’s at!

Per Gessle – Snowfish

How can we miss you when you won't go away!

The most expensive houses in Sweden in 2010

13 out 20 the most expensive houses in Sweden are located in Djurholm area in Stockholm. Number 5 on the list is Per Gessle with his 520 m2 villa in Halmstad. The house is worth over 24,000,000 SEK now. He bought this property in 1993 for 950,000 SEK, but he and his wife have done […]

Ultrahot videos + pics from Roxette-in-the-studio:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

So true

Marie is doing magic in the studio! Sounds really really good! Think I’ll start a band with her!

Song of the day: DEATH OF A CLOWN. Dave Davies. Always loved this one!

9,000 tickets for Sundsvall sold

9,000 out of 25,000 available tickets for Roxette show in Sundsvall were sold in just 3 days. Unfortunately, it seems that Anders “Tjacka” Söderberg did not ask about any kind of permission from local police to organize this concert in advance. He claims that he could not discuss the issue with the local representatives, because […]

The first one to buy Roxette tickets for Sundsvall concert

Ingrid Olivelöf was the first person who managed to purchase tickets for Roxette show on Norrporten Arena in Sundsvall on August 7th. She waited over an hour with more than 50 people in queue in front of Entré Sundsvall on Friday morning, April 23rd. Mattias Aamisepp from Radio Guld, local radiostation, played Roxette songs to […]

“Gessle over Poland” audio bootleg

So here it comes. Afer one year of preparations and waiting we have finally managed to end up our works on yet another bootleg from “Party crasher tour” – to be honest – one of the funniest Roxette fan experiances in the 21st century. After more or less professional recordings from Prague, London, Amsterdam and […]

Rumours: Roxette to play in Germany

According to Musikindustrin‘s journalist Lars Nylin Roxette will play in Germany in December. In the article about Sundsvall concert he mentions Russia and Germany as the exemples of forthcoming Roxette shows. Time will tell if it is true. From The Daily Roxette: Per says that he doesn’t know anything about any German gigs.

Great guy, great guitar collection, 9 great minutes:

Still going strong all weekend: Rox-in-the-studio + much much more:

Per Gessle – Snowfish

Prices of tickets for Roxette’s concert in Sundsvall

The sale will start today at 11.00 AM Swedish local time via or through (the site is recommended by the organizers). The tickets prices: – Läktare (Sections) 810 SEK [B, C, L, M] / 710 SEK [D, K, J] / 610 SEK [G, I, H] – Ståplats (Standing place) 510 SEK – Rullstol […]

Roxette’s tour keeps on growing. Norrporten Arena, Sundsvall, Sweden, August 7 has been added to the schedule.

[News] Concert added to the tour

Roxette to play in Sundsvall on August 7

According to Swedish media, and confirmed to Roxette’s manager Marie Dimberg, Roxette will play in Norrporten Arena, Sundsvall (Sweden) on August 7.  The organizators exepect around 20,000 in public. This will be, if no more shows are added to the tour, the real first Roxette concert since 2001. Tickets will be on sale on April […]

Concert added to the tour

(Updated) – Roxette's tour keeps on growing. Norrporten Arena, Sundsvall, Sweden, August 7 has been added to the schedule. Read the full story...

New Roxette album postponed to 2011

As The Daily Roxette reports, the upcoming Roxette album got moved from end of this year to early 2011. The recordings go well, but they plan to have a summer break (where they’ll perform live around the Baltic sea) to resume recording until October. The actual plan is to record 16 songs with the first […]

[News] No Roxette album in 2010

No Roxette album in 2010

STOCKHOLM – After a great time in the Aerosol Grey Machine studio down in Skåne, and after a not-so-great time driving up to Stockholm due to the fact that all airports in Sweden are closed, The Daily Roxette has gotten hold of Per Gessle. Read the full story...

Greetings from the studio. check out for inspiration!


Hot tramp I love you so! New Rox in the studio video + magnificent studio pic out now on