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  ★ TDR Archive for January 31st, 2010

Official info regarding ‘The Race Legends’ tickets

To clear the confusion about tickets for Roxette’s concert at Anderstorp raceway, we received another piece of info from ‘The Race Legends’ CEO Urban Stamming: UPDATE, Sunday 31st, 22.08 CET: Roxette Concert tickets are released Monday February 1, at 09.00! The Race Legends is happy to announce that Biljett Nu is the official agency for […]

[News] Ticket information

Tickets for the Roxette concert in August at Anderstorp Raceway are available through

The preliminary cover of “Best of Roxette” songbook.

In the Gehrmans Musikförlag catalogue 2009-2010 the preliminary cover of “Best of Roxette” was published with the release date in the autumn/winter 2009. As you may remember, according to several Swedish websites, the book will be released on March 21st. English words on the cover may suggest that the whole book (with Per Gessle’s comments) […]

Ticket information

Here's the correct information about the Roxette tickets, as many of you already know: Tickets for the Roxette concert at Anderstorp are available through Read the full story...

Roxette band without Jonas Isacsson

According to Jonas Isacsson himself, he will not be the part of Roxette band that will play in Anderstorp. This time it will be The Party Crasher Band, which would mean that Christoffer Lundquist will play the leading guitar and Magnus Börjeson bass. Does it also mean that we can expect to see Helena Josefsson […]

Interview with The Race Legends’ CEO Urban Stamming

Swedish Radio P4 Jönköping (the county where Roxette’s concert will take place) broadcasted the interview with The Race Legends’ CEO Urban Stamming on January 28th, where he confirmed that Roxette would play the whole concert and everyone who buys the three-days ticket will be able to attend the gig. He even said that Roxette started […]