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Roxette – It Must Have Been Love rehearsal Oct 20 –

NOTP Countdown: very first clips.

Wish I Could Fly It must have been love The Look Edit: More clips! It Must Have Been Love (Roxette with Orchestra) Listen To Your Heart (Roxette with Orchestra)

First rehearsal with the whole orchestra & choir today. Feel like David Gilmour.

“Gessle over Europe” the review

LJUSDAL - First there was nothing, then there was "Wings over America." Now there's "Gessle over Europe"! Read the full story...

Tour rehearsal videos from The Proms

Following his pattern from the last tours, Per is shooting video galore. And like last time he is putting it up on YouTube. Read the full story...

NOTP Countdown: Photo of Roxette, videos coming!

This brandnew photo from the rehearsals was just posted on! Edit: Per on twitter: Roxette home videos from the NOTP-rehearsals available very very soon at Fantastic! Worldwide fandom is able to follow this tour via YouTube again (like Party Crasher tour)!

Roxette rehearsing It Must Have Been Love –

Roxette – Wish I Could Fly –

Roxette rehearsing The Look 19 oct 2009 –

Roxette – It Must Have Been Love –

NOTP Countdown: Rehearsals with orchestra

As ‘Night of the Proms’ producer Jan Vereecke tells on his blog, Roxette just enjoyed the orchestra ‘Il Novecento’ playing their repertoire. Now they use recordings of the orchestra to rehearse along to that. Tomorrow afternoon Roxette will finally play live together with the orchestra! Source: NOTP Blog (in Dutch) Edit October 20: Per comments […]

Back in the rox-future: part III (1992, 1994 & 1995)

PART I | PART II 1992: Roxette In Concert 1992 Hacelo X Mi Interview + The Look Hacelo X Mi Joyride – Argentina Hacelo X Mi Spending My Time – Argentina Hotblooded & Dangerous Live In Velez,Buenos Aires – Argentina Fading Like A Flower + Church Of Your Heart Live In Velez, Buenos Aires – […]

NOTP Countdown: Roxette & the band are in Belgium!

As we informed previously, Roxette went to Antwerp, Belgium yesterday. Tonight they will have the first rehearsal, Per Gessle informs on his Twitter – it is a very probable it will be a rehearsal with the orchestra. Only 5 day are left till Night of the Proms tour start in Antwerp. We got following information […]

Less stuff on “Gessle over Europe” DVD and some typos.

The Daily Roxette published an English version of Swedish press release regarding “Gessle over Europe” CD+DVD set. Thomas Evensson did also some scans of a promotional folder printed in Sweden. According to it, there are few changes in comparison to the preliminary informations. “C’mon” video as well as “Son of a plumber” and “Party crasher” […]

Helena Josefsson – Fen & Jag [cover + download]

Helena Josefsson posted a message on her MySpace profile: “I have recorded a song and made a video with my family and friends, it is called “Fen & jag”! Waiting for the new soloalbum to get released, I needed to have some fun and I want to give something to you who wait patiently! I […]

Gessle Over Europe - the 2009 club tour captured live! Since Roxette’s ”Room Service” tour in the autumn of 2001, Sweden has been able to keep one of their true pop superstars more or less for themselves.

“Gessle over Europe” promo sheet

Just to be clear: this isn't an article, this is the promo text from Per's promo folder for the new album. Read the full story...

Christoffer Lundquist – Major & Minor Songs EP [review]

Written by Emilio Gimenez Bahl from Argentina: Besides Per Gessle undoubtedly Christoffer Lundquist is my favorite artist from Sweden. I started to know more about him from the latter days of Brainpool when he assumed a more active role in the band from Lund. Actually “Junk a Rock Opera” became my favorite and the best […]

Helena Josefsson – Fen & Jag [lyrics]

Here are the lyrics for the latest Helena Josefsson’s single: LISTEN TO THE SONG Fen & Jag Jag träffade en Fen Hon sa du ska få en ny chans att leva om ditt liv Tack ska du ha Men det behövs inte, sa jag för idag är jag glad Idag mår jag bra Om jag […]

Back in the rox-future: part II (1989, 1990 & 1991)

PART I 1989: Dressed For Success Live In Globe Stockholm Dangerous Live Hamburg 89 The Look Live Festival Bar 1989. Italy Dressed For Success Live Festival Bar 1989. Italy Dressed For Success Live The Look Playback In Rock Over Europe – Amsterdam 1989 Dangerous Playback In Grammys Galan 1989 + Roxette & Marie Receiving An […]

Helena Josefsson – Fen & Jag [clip]

Per Gessle posted on his Twitter the lastest Helena Josefsson’s video called “Fen & Jag”. Suprisingly, her official website is no longer available, so we know nothing about the release dates.

Deluxe Music will broadcast (older) NOTP stuff

In a newsletter sent yesterday the German NOTP organization announced that a music channel called Deluxe Music will broadcast NOTP during autumn and winter.  Starting in November, Deluxe Music presents the Nokia Night of the Proms 2006-2008.  On December 20th and 27th Deluxe Music continues the special with shows called “best of early years”. On […]

NOTP Countdown: Lightshow and Rehearsals

The Dutch NOTP Fanpage runs a series of articles and interviews up to the tour start next Friday. Yesterday they had an interview with Geert Vanhout, the man behind the lightshow. Some interesting excerpts: Geert: ‘This year will be very special. The LED lights with a low resolution are used for a special light effect […]

Back in the rox-future: part I (1986&1988)

Only 8 days are left to “Night of the Proms” tour start. It is a good occasion to rewind few of the most known Roxette live and playback performances from TV stations around the world. It is the very first part of our ultimate collection of rare YouTube links – collected just for visitors. […]

Lars Demian sings Per Gessle’s songs [clips]

UPDATE on October 15: Per Gessle wrote to us on Twitter regarding this news: I think Lars is doing a terrific job. He’s great! I’m honoured. As we informed, Lars Demian has recorded EP called “Att inte vara Pär Gezzle” with two covers of Per Gessle’s songs – “Listen to your heart” and “Här kommer […]

“I never loved a man (the way I loved you)”

An uknown clip from December 2005 from Cafe Opera where Marie Fredriksson performed “I never loved a man (the way I loved you)” was posted yesterday on YouTube.

“Gessle over Europe” new DVD preview

SÖDERHAMN - has posted another teaser for the forthcoming CD/DVD pack, it's subtitled in English and in German. Read the full story...

NOTP tickets for Netherlands finally sent.

After some delays the tickets for the Night of the Proms in Rotterdam and Arnhem have finally been sent – according to the official website. The organizers apologize with a reservation for NOTP CDs/DVDs for every order. Source: NOTP Netherlands (in Dutch)

Poland releases “Gessle over Europe” on October 26.

According to two webshops, EMI will release “Gessle over Europe” in Poland on October 26. The album costs 74,95 PLN at and 84,99 PLN at If you know something about “Gessle over Europe” release in your country, let us know!

Official trailer for “Gessle Over Europe” published new official video trailer for new CD/DVD “Gessle Over Europe”. You can watch it on or clicking this direct link: The DVD will have English and German subtitles and 100 copies signed by Per Gessle will be available at Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad, the Man informed on his Twitter account.

Check out the trailer for the DVD! 2009 remasters.

If you are willing to see more photos of Roxette 2009 remasters, team supplies you with 5 big photos per each remaster. They were bought in Poland and all the photos are available after you log in on Roxette Archives Vol.1 – Pearls Of Passion Roxette Archives Vol.2 – Look Sharp! Roxette Archives […]