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NOTP Countdown: Thomas Evensson on radio

According to The Daily Roxette’s tweet Thomas Evensson, better known as tevensso, talked about Roxette tour on SR Halland radio station this morning at 8.50! Listen.

NOTP Countdown: Interview with Per Gessle on ATV

Thanks to Project_Z.

Belgian newspaper articles on Roxette at NOTP

BILTHOVEN (Updated) - Today, two of Belgium's major newspapers published articles on Roxette's 'comeback' at Night of the Proms: "Swedish supergroup Roxette makes comeback at Night Of The Proms" "We have missed the stage and our fans" They were supposed to come seven years ago, if it wasn't for the fact that Marie Fredriksson (51) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Read the full story...

Roxette – The Thomson twins waiting for food –

NOTP Tour Arenas: Antwerps Sportpaleis

Place: Antwerps Sportpaleis; Schijnpoortweg 119; 2170 Antwerp, Belgium Dates: October 23 – November 11, 2009 Number of shows: 13 Capacity: ca 13,000 Estimate number of audiance: 150,000

Per Gessle

Gessle over Europe (LP)

Per Gessle

Gessle over Europe (CD)

Marie Fredriksson with family at Rival, September 30

On September 30 “Kvarteret Skatan – I nöd och lust” show has its premiere at Rival in Stockholm with subsequent celebrity mingle. The popular TV humor program “Kvarteret Skatan” turned into an entertaining stage show about love, marriage and relationship tangles. Another participants, among others, were comedians Johan Glans and David Batra. Many celebrities were […]

“Gessle over Europe” to be released in Finland

“Gessle over Europe” CD+DVD set will be released in Finland on October 28, according to newly updated EMI Finland website. The very first review on “Gessle over Europe” was published on The Daily Roxette. According to informations given be Thomas Evensson, two documentaries were removed from DVD and some unseen footage from “Party crasher tour” […]

NOTP Countdown: Marie & Per on the first rehearsal

According to Maurice from Marie seems to feel more comfortable when she can sing “in force” (“The Look”, “Joyride”). As a solist on the ballads, she seems a little timide. Maurice thinks that with the support of the fans she will feel more at ease. Per was impeccable, even if he didn’t go to […]

NOTP Countdown: New videos, full stage and behind!

Check out the latest rehearsal videos at YouTube! Full stage set! Upbeat! Backstage! Or as Per calls it: 7 brand new hotter-than-anything-you-seen-before Roxette home videos at Source: Per at twitter

Dupont & Dupond

Roxette – The Look (live) –

Roxette – The Look (live) with orchestra –

Roxette – Listen to Your Heart (live) –

Roxette – The Look rehearsal 21 Oct 2009 –

Roxette – Jonas plays Hårgalåten for the light designer –

Roxette – In the lobby –

Roxette – Björn & Benny? –

NOTP Countdown: Media is picking up!

Swedish newspaper Expressen has a somewhat bigger article about Roxette’s stage comeback today. Including interview bits with Clarence! Read here (in Swedish) And if possible, don’t miss the report about Rox at the Proms of Belgian TV channel EEN tonight: “Is Roxette ready for NOTP?” Seems to be an interview and footage from the rehearsals […]

NOTP Countdown: Be our REPORTER!

Dear Readers, We would like to ask all of you, who will attend Night of the Proms concerts, to write your own reports from each and every gig that you will see. It does not have to be the perfect English – it just should convey your emotions, thoughts, your impressions and some interesting […]

NOTP Countdown:

Sarahdenrara at R2R forum informs us, that there is also a blog in French/Dutch from one of the singers of the choir called Maurice (it is his nickname): He writes today that he thinks Per is really into it and happy to be there, Marie too even if she seems a bit fragile. He […]

Meeting with Per Gessle, October 2009.

Chrissie, also know as nordish-by-nature at R2R forum, shared with us a brand new picture of Per Gessle. The photography was taken in Halmstad in front of the second “Tits & Ass” [the third and new one is coming!] studio on October 13. Accroding to nordish, he was very nice again and told them something […]

NOTP Countdown: the official report from rehearsals

Source: Twitter Edit: Project_Z provides a translation of the Roxette part. Marie is really happy to be here. It’s possible more satisfying for her than for us. It’s a salvation for her to be finally here, … it brings back many memories and emotions… It’s a party… fantastic popsongs from the swedish ’school’… ABBA is […]

Helena Josefsson on her new song and website.

Helena Josefsson on her new song “Fen & Jag”: While waiting for my second solo album to get released, I have made this song together with Martinique and Per from my band Sandy Mouche, just for the fun of it. I wrote it and they produced it for me. It is about how I met […]

NOTP Countdown: photos from rehearsal on October 20

Thank to crashroxer @ R2R. Source: NOTP blog

NOTP Countdown: dinner at Milano, Antwerp

Great and generous dinner at Milano in Antwerp, hosted by Jan, the great guru behind NOTP, So many people, so little time. Source: Twitter The official site of Milano According to the site, Milano is the oldest Italian restaurant in Antwerp. The restaurant is located in the very heart of town, within walking distance from […]

Bulgarians’ mindblowing support

To Ellie + Ani + Rosi + Dani + Ogi & Emil of Bulgaria: Thanx for the posters & your mindblowing support. Appreciate it! Cheers, P. @ Twitter. littlediamon wrote to us true stroy behind this mystery: it’s the happy ending of a story that started with a mindblowing concert in cologne on 27.04.2009. we […]

Roxette – Wish I Could Fly (live) –

NOTP Countdown: Successful rehearsals, time to meet and relax

Proms producer Jan Vereecke comments the day on his blog: To everyone’s joy, the latest rehearsals this afternoon with Roxette have been completed sooner as anticipated. This evening all foreign guest artists will enjoy a cosy dinner in a restaurant near the hotel. Extensive soundchecks on the big stage are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and […]

NOTP Countdown: Roxette merchandising.

Roxette will not only perform on “Night of the Proms” tour – they will also sell their own merchidise at the tour’s shop. It is the very first time since 2001 we will have an opportunity to purchase the official stuff. More informations to follow. New pretty amazing Rox merchandise coming up for the Night […]

Roxette – Listen to Your Heart (live) –