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cdUniverse lists “Gessle over Europe”

American webshop lists “Gessle over Europe” as an import item with just one CD for $23.65 with the release day on November 3rd, but not on EMI but on Phantom label. Phantom is very probable just a distributor for American market.

Another comment from Per on Roxette remasters.

Of course we have been involved in the re-mastering of all the Roxette albums! Clarence spent a week on this! Where do all these strange ideas come from????? And same goes, of course, with the packaging and everything else. We’re still working as close as possible with the EMI Stockholm office since we’re still EMI […]

NOTP Antwerp brochures & trailer

Here are pictures of “Night of the Proms” brochures from Atwerp, Belgium – in the normal and VIP version. You can spot two different pictures of Roxette in this leaflet. You can also watch a trailer (Roxette’s “Joyride” video is there). Source: NOTP Antwerp, NOTP VIP, NOTP Twitter

“De’ ä kanon…” DVD

Robert Gustafsson became (in)famous among Per Gessle’s fans after he made few parodies of the Man on the very popular Sport- and UNICEF gala in Sweden this year. Now he has released a DVD called “De’ ä kanon…” (“It’s great…”) with clips from these scetches. You can watch a trailer. On the cover of this […]


Pearls of Passion (2009 version) (CD)


Look Sharp! (2009 version) (CD)


Joyride (2009 version) (CD)


Tourism (2009 version) (CD)


Crash!Boom!Bang! (2009 version) (CD)


Have a Nice Day (2009 version) (CD)


Room Service (2009 version) (CD)

Pearls of passion (2009 version) – sleeves.

Tevensso on TDR board posted three photos of “Pearls of passion” (2009 version):

“Gessle over Europe” in Norway and Denmark

Both EMI Music Norway and EMI Music Denmark confirmed on theirs websites that the release date for “Gessle over Europe” in these countries will be the 26th of October, 2009.

Roxette remasters – the back.

Source: got “Gessle over Europe”

The very first shop which dispatch products outside of Scandinavia added “Gessle over Europe” to its list. put strangely the import mark on the lastest release from Per Gessle. If you live in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, New Zeland, Switzarland, USA or in few of selected UE countries, you can order this […]

Lars Demian’s covers available for listening

As you may remember Lars Demian has recorded a EP called “Att inte vara Pär Gezzle”. On this little album he covered two of the most popular songs written by Per Gessle. Both of them are available for listening in theirs entirety: Här kommer alla känslorna (På en och samma gång) – in ‘Media’ […]

P4 broadcasting time

Per Gessle’s concert at Cirkus in Stockolm from May will be broadcasted on “P4 Live” on October 24th, Saturday at 20.03 (+02:00 GMT). Thanks to Mary @ TDR. Source: P4

First look on Roxette 2009 remasters

Tevensso: The Roxette remasters sound swell! An extensive review coming up on @dailyroxette this weekend. Source: Tevensso / The Daily Roxette

Roxette remasters reviewed

LJUSDAL (Updated) – 090909 the Beatles remasters were released (by EMI), both in stereo and in mono, now EMI is releasing Roxette's entire (well…) album catalog remastered, albeit only in stereo… "The Rox Archives." Read the full story... newsletter on Roxette remasters

You can buy Roxette 2009 remasters on for 79SEK / 7,90EUR / 11,22USD.

Per Gessle – Dressed for Success –

Head over to The Daily Roxette and read a brand spanking fresh interview with Per the Gessle!

Head over to The Daily Roxette and read a brand spanking fresh interview with Per the Gessle!

The Daily Roxette interviews Per Gessle

Don’t miss this great interview! You’ll find it here.  Per talks about NOTP, Roxette’s future and dreams, and much more. You might even find answers to your questions.

P4 tracklist, October 24. 1. Dressed For Success 2. The Party Pleaser 3. lists “Gessle over Europe” lists “Gessle over Europe” and the forthcoming CD/DVD set costs just 159 SEK! It more or less 15 euros and the release dat is Monday, October 26. Unfortunately, this shop doesn’t deliver to any country outside Sweden. Thanks to mjzm @ RoxForum.

P4 broadcast tracklist

P4 will broadcast Per Gessle’s concert from Cirkus on October 24. It is still uknown from which day it will come. 1. Dressed For Success 2. The Party Pleaser 3. Wish I Could Fly 4. Stupid 5. I Have a Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends) 6. Listen To Your Heart 7. […]

Per on Swedish radio

STOCKHOLM (Updated) – October 24 Swedish radio P4 will broadcast Per's concert from Cirkus this summer. Read the full story...

Per speaks out in The Daily Roxette fall interview

STOCKHOLM – Per has kindly delayed his trip to New York to meet with The Daily Roxette… Well, not really, it's actually his wife's stomach flu that keeps him from going, which is great (for us, not her!), Read the full story...

Here’s a very nice preview of the DVD, which – if you didn’t know it – has been set for release October 28!

Woohaa! The mighty “Gessle over Europe” CD/DVD bonanza has finally gotten a release date: October 28!

“Gessle over Europe” trailer!

The Cutting Room, the leading Nordic sound production company with over more than 25 years in the industry, has just finished Per Gessle’s latest DVD “Gessle Over Europe – Party Crasher On Tour”. The show was taped by Arena Grande in Cirkus, Stockholm on May 9, 2009. On the same site you can watch 3:05 […]