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Complete Roxette’s performance on New Wave Festival 2009

The Look & Listen to your heart It must have been love & Joyride DOWNLOAD IT Huge thanks to Aleksey from Ukraine for making this performance finally available and Alison for uploading them.

Gessle & Ulvaeus invested wrong – again.

Per Gessle and Björn Ulvaues invested money in an enterprise launched by entrepreneur, author and leading light of the Swedish Humanists Christer Sturmark, though they lost by one of his projects before. Now they have left music company Noteheads. It became a fiasco, Dagens Industri reveals. Noteheads Musical Expert is IT-entrepreneur Christer Sturmark’s latest project. […]

SingStar “Roxette ballads” mistakes

SuperCynni from the Netherlands informs that SingStar “Roxette Ballad” pack has got several mistakes. You cannot see the lyrics when Marie sings “there’s air of silence” in “It must have been love” and “the bed’s too big without you honey” in “Spending my time” . She purchased her copy through the Dutch Sony Playstation Store. […]

Åsa’s 48th birthday

Åsa Gessle has her 48th birthday today. Congratulations from the whole staff! Per wrote today on his Twitter: Åsa thanks everyone for remembering her. She’s getting pretty old actually… P.S. Per, don’t forget that the older the wine the better it gets

Marie likes U2. So does Per.

Marie Fredriksson was on U2 360° Tour concert in Gothenburg on August 1. Expressen published a little interview with her where she admitted that she liked U2 very much. On the other hand, Per Gessle posted on his Twitter, that U2 was great but not fantastic. I’ve seen them so much better many times before. […]

Crash!Boom!Bang! Tour 1994 – 1995 (updated)

Live in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 9, 1994 at Globen Source: Crash! Boom! Bank! bootleg Live in Kiel, Germany on September 23, 1994 at Ostseehalle Soundcheck from Buenos Aires on April 8, 1995 at Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium: Sleeping in my car Almost unreal Fireworks Alekslerin from Argentina wrote on R2R forum: It was me who […]