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Roxette remasters on October 2 in Germany. Only 8,99€ each. has added 7 Roxette albums to its list. Each album costs 8,99 euro. Thanks to mjzm @ RoxForum.

Roxette remasters to be out September 28

STOCKHOLM (Updated) – According to Per Gessle the seven new Roxette remasters (2009 versions) will be released September 28. Read the full story...

“Gessle over Europe” – DELAYED!

Unfortunately, “Gessle over Europe” has been delayed to the end of October due to problems with German video regulations. Apparently Jonas Åkerlund’s videos (director’s cut – “Kix” and “Do you wanna be my babe?”) are too much for Germany. They demand an 18 year old age limit on the CD/DVD. It seems like the premier […]

Roxette on NOTP

Per has posted a picture on his Twitter site today and wrote I’ll be there. Will you be there too? Just 55 days till “Night of the Proms” starts. Source: Twitter

“Gessle over Europe” has been delayed to the end of October due to problems with German video regulations.

“Gessle over Europe”

HALMSTAD (Updated) – The Daily Roxette can present the (very nice) sleeve for "Gessle over Europe," designed by Pär Wickholm. Read the full story...

“It must have been love” on Australian “Idol”

Marijana Topalovic, one of the contestants in Australian “Idol”, performed Roxette’s “It must have been love” yesterday on August 25. Watch it. Source: notpergessle2

Per’s comment on re-releases.

The reason why EMI is re-releasing and re-mastering all the Rox albums is because they are out of print in some territories. Also, the sound was not up to date. Some albums are really old, folks! So… it’s not EMI’s intention (or Roxette’s for that matter) to make these albums “collector items” or fill them […]

Remasters to be out September 28th

The 2009 versions: Pearls of Passion CD & DIGITAL 1. Pearls of Passion B-SIDE SOUL DEEP-SINGLE 2. Neverending love (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997 3. Secrets that she keeps (demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997 iTUNES ONLY 1. I call your name (Montezuma demo) PEARLS OF PASSION RE-REL 1997 2. Neverending love (Frank Mono […]

The reason why EMI is re-releasing and re-mastering all the Rox albums is because they are out of print in some territories.

Extra concert in Antwerp announced today.

It seems like the 25th edition of The Nokia Night of the Proms is not only a kind of success in Germany, but also in Belgium. Today the 11th (eleventh!) concert in Antwerp, Belgium at Sportpaleis Antwerpen on November 10 (Wednesday) was announced. The advanced sale has started today. The tickets are one of the […]

Per has nothing to do with Roxette re-release?

Per wrote on Twitter: Yea, 3 songs on each album. Several more digitally. iTunes I think. It’s EMI who’s running this, not me.

“Antichrist” creator listens to Roxette

Have you ever seen “Dogville” with Nicole Kidman, “Dancer in the dark” with Björk or the latest controversial film “Antichrist”? They were all directed by Lars von Trier, an Academy Award-nominated Danish film director and screenwriter. He is closely associated with the Dogme 95 collective, although his own films have taken a variety of different […]

Äntligen tour bootleg – Malmö and Göteborg

Bianca from Brazil uploaded one of Marie Fredriksson’s shows from her Äntligen tour in 2000. The show was recorded in Malmö on July 31st. You can download via Mediafire. Finally some songs from Marie’s Göteborg show showed up as well. Bianca has also uploaded some tracks to Mediafire. Have fun listening. Thanks Bianca for sharing […]

Roxette’s albums will be re-released in fresh new remastered versions with upgraded booklets on September 30.

SingStar gets another Roxette song pack

(Updated) – Sony's incredibly popular singing game SingStar for PS3 got a Roxette Ballads song pack June 11. Read the full story...

More about Roxette re-releases.

More about Roxette re-release: Pearls of passion, 1986 (3 bonus tracks e.g. Neverending Love [Tits and Ass demo 1986]) Look sharp!, 1988 (3 bonus tracks) Joyride, 1991 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “The sweet hello, the sad goodbye”) Tourism, 1992 (2 bonus tracks e.g. “Fingertips ’93”) Crash!Boom!Bang!, 1994 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “Almost unreal”) Have a […]

Roxette albums to be rereleased on September 30th

According to EMI Sweden the remastered Roxette albums will be released on September 30th. The albums come with bonus tracks and a brand new booklet. So far the date is not confirmed by Per Gessle or EMI, we’re referring to the information EMI Sweden is giving on their homepage. So this could also only be […]

Listen to your heart – the very (VERY) first video.

Have you seen it before? Do you have it in a better quality? It’s the very first video of “Listen to your heart” filmed in 1988 (?) for Swedish TV programme “Ritz”. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART Thanks to LittleMarie & Leo.

We’re proud to present the sleeve of “Gessle over Europe:”

Gessle Over Europe sleeve a tracklist

LP – Gessle Over Europe 01. Dressed For Success – Cologne 02. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her – Cologne 03. Stupid – London 04. The Party Pleaser – Stockholm 1 05. Wish I Could Fly – London 06. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Copenhagen 07. 7Twenty7 – Amsterdam 08. I Have A Party […]

Per Gessle – August 2009.

Here’s the brand new photo of Per Gessle taken by lonely_girl in Halmstad in August 2009.

Helena Josefsson recorded a video. Most likely.

On July 18 Helena Josefsson wrote on her website that she was going to record a music video on August 9 for her first single from the forthcoming second solo-album. She and her husband Martin were also seen in Tylösand Hotel the other week. Helena had shorter hair then. No other informations were given. Source: […]

PATS interprets Gyllene Tider’s “Det är över nu”

PATS, Gothenburg band, was a guest in Swedish Radio P3’s “Sommarplågor” (Summer songs). They came to the studio and interpreted one of Gyllene Tider’s hits – “Det är över nu“. As long as you understand Swedish you may laugh or, let’s say, don’t like it. After all it’s all about Gessle’s money again… Source: P3

“You don’t understand me” in Portuguese

Per Gessle posted on his Twitter site interesting cover version of “You don’t understand me” entitled “Você não entende” sang by Gabi Amarantos. Source: Twitter

Extra concert in Hannover announced today.

It seems like The Nokia Night of the Proms is a kind of success in Germany. Today the third concert in Hannover, Germany on December 17 was added. The advanced sale has started today. According to Night of the Proms site, there will be no more further dates, because of the tight tour schedule. Night […]

“Den sjunde vågen” tour – audio.

Leo sent us his collection of live songs from 1985 (?). If you have any other recordings from the 80-ies, just leave a comment. 1. Jag Går Min Väg 2. Ännu Doftar Kärlek 3. Het Vind 4. Så Nära Nu 5. Natt Efter Natt 6. Den Sjunde Vågen 7. Mot Okända Hav 8. För Dom […]

“Party crasher” orginal picture.

Per wrote on his Twitter site today: looks cool. Check out yourself! Thanks to heyoka79 for the information. Source:

Brandur’s new album

Brandur Enni is a singer and a songwriter from the Faroe Islands, located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland. But he decided to start his career in Sweden – for instance he took part in Swedish Melodifestivalen the last year. A few weeks ago Brandur was in […]

Gyllene Tider’s MP got married

Mats “MP” Persson, the Gyllene Tider’s guitarist and co-writer of “Listen To Your Heart”, was not only celebrating his 50th birthday on February 26 this year. He also got married with Åsa-Caroline, his long-time girlfriend in the beginning of August, Per Gessle revealed on his Twitter site. If you want to know more about MP, […]

Heartland cafe’s demos.

Some truely uknown rarites were revealed lately – Gyllene Tider’s (or: the very first Roxette’s album’s) “Heartland cafe” demos from 1983. Demos: Heartland Another Place, Another Time Demon Emptiness When Love’s On The Phone (You Just Have To Answer) Even If It Hurts (It’s Alright) Run Run Run Break Another Heart Teaser Japanese Can You […]

Gessle: Madonna is fantastic

Per Gessle with his wife Åsa showed up on Madonna’s Sunday show on Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg on August 9. It was Gessle’s third Ullevi concert this summer. – Madonna is fantastic. I expect a great show and a production that will look like very expensive, said Per just before her concert. But he is […]