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Live from Helsinki & Stuttgart

Live in Helsinki, Finland, September 4, 1991 (Join the Joyride! tour premiere): Fading like a flower (TV broadcast) Live in Stuttgart, Germany, October 22, 1994 (bootleg): Sleeping in my car Fireworks Almost unreal Dangerous So you wanna be a rock’n’roll star? Crash!Boom!Bang! Listen to your heart The first girl on the moon Harleys and Indians […]

New covers of Marie & Per’s solo hits.

After Erik Linder, Sweden’s Got Talent finalist, who has recorded two covers of Marie’s songs “Tro” and “Ännu doftar kärlek” and one Per’s – “Tycker om när du tar på mej” on his debut album “Inifrån”, another artist performed interesting version of Marie’s hit single – this time 1985’s “Efter stormen”. It was the popular […]

Marie in Spain.

Carrita Henningsson informs on Twitter that she saw Marie Fredriksson on the plane from Spain the other day. It means Marie was on holiday with her family in her Spanish house in Marabella. It’s very probable that New Wave Festival rehersals or recording session will start soon.

“Sleeping in my car” punk cover

Polish punk band The Black Tapes has covered “Sleeping in my car” on theirs first album called “The Black Tapes”. The album got very positive reviews in Polish press and many journalists really appreciated Roxette’s cover which is a “ghost track” on this CD. The band members recorded this debut album in Sweden and wanted […]

Per recorded two new demos

Here comes news from Twitter. Per recorded 2 new demos while visiting the ‘Aerosol Grey Machine-palace’. Both are played on banjo. And both are primarily for Roxette for sure. Per also wrote, that Clarence and Christoffer is currently working on the Night Of The Proms strings arrangies. Songs sounds great. “I never knew I was […]

“The Look” covered by rockabilly band “The Baseballs”

Posted on June 28th: German rockabilly band The Baseballs included a cover of “The Look” in their first album “Strike”, which was released in May 2009.  The album also includes covers of Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Maroon 5 among others. Digger, singer together with Sam and Basti, explains why they choose “The Look” in an […]

Top Rox 2009 – let’s vote!

Hi all Roxers! Summer is here and there’s quiet about our favourite band right now. So here comes brand new poll. You can vote your favourite Roxette album, single, video, tour, album cover, album booklet and also best Per and Marie solo albums. Results will be announced during autumn in big article. Top Rox 2009. […]

SVT report from Artist Fund Gala

Swedish Television SVT published on its website a short report from Artist Fund Gala in Stockolm’s City Hall on June 18. You can spot Marie and Mikael arriving for this event. Watch it here. P.S. It’s the 101st post on since April 29. Let’s celebrate!

Gessle’s songs of the day (May-July)

Per Gessle posts his own song(s) of the day every day and informs all his follwers about music events he took part in. I thought it would’ve been nice to have all these interesting informations in one place. YouTube links are coming later on. Of course, it’s going to be updated. July 14: Ruby, don’t […]

The 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs according to Gessle

Roxette’s Per Gessle and Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström celebrate the summer season with a countdown of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs of all time on The Spectrum’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. Listeners heard songs by Peter Bjorn and John, Eagle-Eye Cherry, ABBA, Roxette and more. The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18, […]

Roxette's song pack Roxette Ballads for the PlayStation game SingStar is #4 on the SingStore's global download list for June!

Steamy ol’ wagon called Roxette.

Here are the list of rare Roxette live and playback performances from 1989 and 1990. Some of them might be well-known, but there were few I haven’t seen before. Check out them. Dangerous (Live in Hamburg 1989) Dressed for success (Live on Festival Bar, Italy 1989) Dressed for success (Live in Globen, Stockholm 1989, broadcasted […]

“Roxette Ballads” on #4!

Roxette’s song pack Roxette Ballads for the PlayStation game SingStar is #4 on the SingStore’s global download list for June. Source: & TDR

“What’s your game?” – 3 rox-related trivias

Evgeny Perekopskiy has created three rox-related trivias, so if you are registred on Facebook and want to check your rox-knowledge, just enter any of these quizes. Enjoy! Marie Fredriksson Per Gessle Roxette

SingStar gets Roxette ballads pack

(Updated) - Sony reports that as a part of their big SingStar update due this week's Thursday, the popular PlayStation 3 singing game will get "Roxette Ballads" SongPack. Read the full story...

Get the new promo shot by Rickard Eriksson as your desktop wallpaper here!


Per Gessle to count down the 50 greatest summer songs on Nordic Rox

NEW YORK (Updated) - Roxette’s Per Gessle and noted Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström will celebrate the summer season with a countdown of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs of all time on The Spectrum’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. Read the full story...

Bolyos family’s performance at Monrad’s Fisk & Deli

As we previously reported, Marie Fredriksson, her husband Mikael Bolyos and son Oscar with Pelle Alsing on drums did a suprising performance at Monrad’s, a delicacy shop in Stockholm’s Djursholm, on May 29. There are many photos from the soundcheck and the concert itself on the shop’s official website. Thanks to Ivanych @ R2R.

Per Gessle on MJ’s death. Sort of.

Today on DagensSvenskbladet, Swedish humorous site, was published an article about Per Gessle and “his close relation” to Michael Jackson entitled “Gessle: It could’ve been me as well”. The title says all. To be honest, I do not see any point in translating more of this fake interview. I suppose, it was thought to be […]

Swedish “Got Talent” finalist covers Per and Marie?

STOCKHOLM - Erik Linder, who made it to the finals in "Sweden's Got Talent" this spring, is set to release his first album this week. Read the full story...

New Roxette picture

The Daily Roxette offers a new picture of Roxette – taken at Per Gessle’s last concert on his Party Crasher tour in Cirkus, Stockholm. Rickard Eriksson took the b/w photo. Source: The Daily Roxette

Roxette – anno 2009

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette is proud to present the latest promo shot of Roxette! Read the full story...

Gessle over Europe - CD 1. Dressed for success Cologne 2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her Cologne 3.

Party crasher tour’s releases

We got the final tracklists of forthcoming releases from “Party crasher tour”: I. Gessle over Europe – CD 1. Dressed for success (Cologne) 2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her (Cologne) 3. Stupid (London) 4. Wish I could fly (London) 5. She doesn’t live here anymore (Copenhagen) 6. 7Twenty7 (Amsterdam) 7. I have a party […]

“Gessle over Europe” – CD-tracklist

HALMSTAD - Per has sent out the tracklist of the new live CD with bonus-DVD. Read the full story...

New Roxette single in October?

According to yesterday Expressen’s (swedish tabloid newspaper) article we might expect new Roxette single in October. In the end of an article about Per’s forthcoming live album is written, that duo is planning to release a new single in the context of the forthcoming (Night Of The Proms) tour. The tour starts on October 23rd. […]

Party Crasher – UK edition

The online version of Robert Thorselius’ The Look For Roxette book published some pictures of Gessle’s “Party crasher” from United Kingdom. “Party Crasher” was released in the UK on June 15 and the label releasing the album was not EMI/Capitol, but Sony Music. P.S. It seems like Per knows this website well as he posted […]

“Silly Really” released in the US – sort of

BYRON CENTER - The U.S. division of Amazon MP3 has Per Gessle's "Silly Really" available to download (for $0.99) with a release date of June 17, 2009 on Gessle's own Elevator Entertainment company.  Read the full story...

Marie did perform at Artist Fund Gala in Stadshuset

As we previously informed, Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos attended on a June 18 gala at Stadshuset where...