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Per Gessle – Munich top 3 –

Per Gessle – Soundcheck in Munich –

Per Gessle – Shoe squeeking contest –

Roxette at “Night of the proms”?

As the German fansite Planet Roxette reported more than a week ago it’s possible that Roxette join the “Nokia Night of the Proms”, a tour including The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with a big orchestra, as the top act. Hidden information in the source code of a NOTP-fanpage spreaded the rumour that Roxette would be […]

All videos at one glance admins have changed the start page of in order to make it faster and have created a play list in Youtube with all tour videos. Enjoy!

Per Gessle – Encore –

Per Gessle – She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore soundcheck –

Per Gessle – Before the show –

Per Gessle – Do you wanna be my baby? –

Per Gessle – Hey Mr DJ –

Per Gessle – Stuttgart? –

Per Gessle Party Crasher Tour Schedule and participation list

you find it under: If you want to know who is joining which show, I suggest this topic @ R2R.

Guten abend. Hey, it’s time to say farewell to Germany for now. Munich became a most delightful stop on this, for all of us, classic tour.

Per Gessle – No kiss, no way! –

2009: Per Gessle's "Party Crasher" tour

Muffathalle, Munchen, Germany

Per Gessle – Boxing with Chris –

Back in cookin’ Zürich. I have so many fond memories of this town including great concerts with Roxette over the years and this was no exception.

Per Gessle in Warsaw

01. Dressed For Success 02. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her 03. Stupid – part 1, Stupid – part 2 04. The Party Pleaser 05. Wish I Could Fly 06. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore 07. 7twenty7 08. I Have A Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends) 09. Late, Later On 10. […]

Per Gessle – After the show –

Per Gessle – Bags lost –

2009: Per Gessle's "Party Crasher" tour

Kaufleuten, Zurich, Switzerland

Per in Cologne – 2 min before the show –

Per Gessle – in Cologne 20 min before the show –

Hallelujah!! What have we done to deserve this??? What a gig! What a crowd!

2009: Per Gessle's "Party Crasher" tour

Gloria Theatre, Koln, Germany

Per Gessle – The Official pig of the tour –

Per Gessle – Dangerous –

Per Gessle – How does it feel?

This is Pure Rock man! –

Christoffer’s wedding memories

Awrite! Back in Germany!!! You could tell by the amazing crowd and the turbo charged band.

Per Gessle – At Saturn in Hamburg –