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  ★ TDR Archive for January, 2006

“yea yea yea!, nobody’s perfect! i found this on a, believe it or not, worn-out old fashioned music-cassette with chewing gum on it!

Per has dug up new demos

STOCKHOLM – Per has found a few new demos for his Bad Hair Day project. Read the full story...

Guys and dolls (to quote the Man); the new single is here soon – February 1.

“DJ” begins airplay today

STOCKHOLM – The next single off “Son of a Plumber” is, as previously reported, “Hey Mr. Read the full story...

– ”Oooops!, look what I found in the drawer!! I totally forgot about this one!

Bad Hair Day – a success

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – Per’s new “project” Bad Hair Day released an album last Thursday. Read the full story...

BAD HAIR DAY Under the banner “Bad hair day” will release interesting Per Gessle-related stuff like demos, outtakes, etc etc.

Everyone has bad hair days, even Per… This specific Bad Hair Day has resulted in a new, exciting project!

New project by Per releases album – tomorrow

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, Roxette, The Lonely Boys, Son of a Plumber and now… Bad Hair Day! Read the full story...

Ringtones available! Choose between Son Of A Plumber », Roxette », Per Gessle » and Gyllene Tider ».

A Fender Stratocaster signed by Per was auctioned off at a charity auction for “Adopt-A-Minefield”; the guitar was sold for $750 to a lucky Swede!