20 years since Swedish ANC gala, DVD out soon

STOCKHOLM – Mikael Wiehe, Tomas Ledin, Eva Dahlgren, Thåström and Per Gessle. Together in 1985 they collected 13 million kronor for ANC in a Live Aid-inspired gala. Next week, the concert will be relased on DVD.

  “A lot of good music and very funny hairdos” Mikael Wiehe says.

  Twenty years ago the entire Swedish rock elite gathered in support of ANC, an organization working against the apartheid system in South Africa. The result were two magical concerts, that were released as an album and shown on Swedish TV. It was said that the participating artists outdid themselves, performing both their hits and also in new exciting constellations.

  The concert was shown on Swedish TV in December 1985. Thirteen million kronor was collected for the ANC and Swedish prime minister Olof Palme delivered a speech and an additional five million kronor from the Swedish government.

  Per and Marie performed together with Lasse Lindbom and MP Persson as the group “Spännade Ostar” (“Thrilling Cheeses”), and as far as Per remembers they performed four songs, among them “Love the One You’re With” and “Tända en sticka till.” “We weren’t featured on the poster or the album…” Per recalls.

Reading from the artist roster is more than enough: Tomas Ledin, Eva Dahlgren, Mikael Rickfors, Björn Afzelius, Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson, Totta’s Bluesband, Jerry Williams, Peps Persson, Sanne Salomonsen, Dan Hylander, Mats Ronander, Anders Glenmark, Anne-Lie Rydé, Robert Broberg, Imperiet, Hansson de Wolfe United, Mikael Wiehe, Tommy Körberg and Py Bäckman plus many many more performed.

The track listing:

  1. ANC choir: When Freedom We Have Won
  2. Totta’s Bluesband: Ain’t Your Business
  3. Totta’s Bluesband: Too Late
  4. Peps Persson: En del och andra
  5. Peps Persson: Djupt i mitt trötta hjärta
  6. Jerry Williams: Let It Rock
  7. Jerry Williams: Don’t You Lie To Me
  8. Totta’s Bluesband: Sail Away
  9. Totta’s Bluesband: Going Down
  10. Mats Ronander: En hederlig man
  11. Sanne Salomonsen: Out Of Darkness
  12. Mats Ronander: Kött och blod
  13. Mikael Rickfors: Amazing Grace
  14. Mikael Rickfors: We May Be Wrong
  15. Eva Dahlgren: Vill inte se
  16. Eva Dahlgren & Anders Glenmark: The Long And Winding Road
  17. Lasse Lindbom, Marie Fredriksson & Per Gessle: Love The One You’re With
  18. Tomas Ledin: Take Good Care Of Your Children
  19. Tomas Ledin: Don’t Touch That Dial
  20. Ledin, Rickfors, Dahlgren & Salomonsen: It’s Never To Late
  21. Anne-Lie Ryde: Alltid blå
  22. Anne-Lie Ryde: All For The Love Rock & Roll
  23. Hansson de Wolfe United: Oberoende vad fursten säger
  24. Dan Hylander: Hymn till en snubblande vandrare
  25. Py Bäckman: Concordelia
  26. Py Bäckman: Jag lever
  27. Dan Hylander: Skuggor i skymningen
  28. Hylander, Bäckman & co: Låt julen förkunna (Frid på jorden)
  29. Robert Broberg: Målet är ingenting, Vägen är allt
  30. Rolf Börjlind: Nyttiga idioter
  31. Tommy Körberg: Som en bro över mörka vatten
  32. Tommy Körberg: Likgiltigheten
  33. Strube, Wiehe, Salomonsen & Afzelius: Håll om mig
  34. Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe: Europa
  35. Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe: Folkets kamp är folkets hopp
  36. Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe: Det räcker nu
  37. Olof Palme: Speech
  38. Imperiet: C.C. Cowboys
  39. Imperiet: Blå himlen blues
  40. Imperiet, Afzelius, Wiehe & co: Fred
  41. Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid: Soweto
  42. Svensk Rock Mot Apartheid: Berg är till för att flyttas
  43. Bonus: Hos ANC i Afrika (a film by Tomas Ledin 1986)
  44. Bonus: Ledin & Wiehe (interview)
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